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Angel Parr

If you think that you’ll be here early then you can always call up to the office and tell them that you need to reschedule for an earlier time and they will be able to tell you if she’s available and will let her know about the change.

If you don’t have time to do so then tell the hostess you’re early when you arrive and she will see if Montana is ready to come out then.

We have recently started providing a non smoking section in the bar of our bar by the parlor, so you can either sit back there and wait or in the parlor. You could also get a room in our hotel and hang out in the courtyard or in your room until she’s ready. If you want to sit in your car, that’s okay, just let the hostess know that you can’t handle the smoke and she’ll let security know that you’re okay in your car, but it will probably be much more comfortable to remain in the house with one of the other options. If you are in your car we have no way to tell you when Montana is ready and patiently awaiting you in the bar…

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