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Well first I want to say hello to Mr. Maverick. Damn, didn’t know you still hung out here. How are you? CB here. It has been quite a while since we chatted. It sure was fun back when we were regulars on here.

Hey CB,

Nice to see you around too. Yeah I’m still around a bit but not as much as in the past at all. Doing OK but my life has changed greatly, mostly for the better, and it has blown me different directions. I only chime in when I have something relevant to offer anymore. During the golden age, to which you were referring, was a great time, then you could find most of the threads and replies measured in hours and minutes instead of hours, days and weeks..Yikes!! It is a different world altogether!

I agree the rental fees in LV are very good ( I don’t think the cheapest, at least all the time but damn close.).

The consolidated car rental facility is great. I remember the old days when you had to trip around the airport and find your agency…a lot like Where’s Waldo?

Being the consolidated facility is just a stones throw from the strip it is positioned well for us and I do love the drive ” over the hump” to Pahrump.

Hope things are well with you and yours!

Smoke’em if ya got’em cowboy!!

My Best,


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