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[quote quote=19050]Upon further reflection I think another important point to make here with respect to avoiding disappointment, and I’m sure my main man Stripe will back me up, is this:

Don’t ‘marry’ your choice before you get there.

Some dudes walk in with this iron clad idea that they are going to party with X girl and it’s going to go X way and they’ve never even spoken to her in person. You might sit down with a girl and realize you have no chemistry…or realize that she may not be down for what you are looking for. If you get those warning signs, don’t go full-bore ahead just because this was the plan from the onset. Know enough to put on the breaks and re-assess where you are going.


PS – Blithe, you’re hot.


Oh, I’ve come so close to walking this line a few times, but it’s true, no matter how much you think you know who you want to party with and what you want to do… all the messaging in the world isn’t going to guaranteed it’s going to work that way in person. Don’t get me wrong, do the pre-planning but keep options open. You may have even sent the lady in question a gift, but that doesn’t mean you have to party with her if the chemistry just isn’t there when you meet in person.

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