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[quote quote=19055]To be fair walking away is hard if you have an elaborate parety planned.


Yup, been there… decided it was better to walk away.

Edit for explanation: I had been e-mailing a lady for months and hitting it off pretty well the whole time. We actually discussed a number of things and the party was to be for my birthday. I got to the ranch with a gift and talked with her, still hit it off or so it seemed. We got back to her room and just could not reach an agreement. I still gave her the gift, declined the party and returned to the bar. I took some time as I was also a hotel guest and eventually found another lady I hit it off with and managed a nice negotiation for something different but very rewarding. In the end I left very happy but had partied with someone other than who I thought I would and had a different party than what I thought I would.

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