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Here’s the straight dope…..

I normally like to just set the pace by explaining right from the start that I’m a working class stiff that doesn’t have a million dollars to spend. I don’t say it like that, of course, but by putting out my budget and asking if and what I can get with that kind of budget I can get past the initial ‘sticker shock’ nonsense…which is usually the part that guys talk about being uncomfortable. Now, keep in mind that this assumes you are EDUCATED prior to arrival and understand what a reasonable going rate is for ‘pay for play.’ Also know that there are girls on either side of that ‘reasonable rate’ depending on the house, the girl, how business has been, and about a million other things.

I’ve been doing this for almost 14 years now….

Most of the time, my tried and true method has resulted in either a “Oh we can have plenty of fun for that…” Or “Well….I could probably do something like this for that amount…but it wouldn’t be for very long.” as a starting point.

On a handful of occasions….probably like…3 maybe? I’ve had women just simply balk at the offer. For whatever reason this has always been with someone that REALLY leaned on me to walk back with her and that I only half wanted to talk to about a party. Whether or not that has any impact on the result, I don’t know…but I say it because it goes to my tried and true method of seeing who you ‘click’ with – regardless if they were on your radar – before asking if they’d like to have fun.


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