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This was funny to read! Why not get it going again!

Dear Diary,

It’s been awhile but let’s not be strangers anymore! What a great trip I just had! The week really started with a bang 😉 Before “work” actually started, Jane Jupiter, Michelle Lai and myself snuck away for a couple adult beverages to celebrate the beginning of a wonderful week.

My first party of the week made me very happy 🙂 let’s just say 2 fun, hot people + me + Ruby Rae + Body Shots = an amazing, sexy time!

Melissa Mariposa let me snoop around her room and shoot the latest episode for Sheri’a Cribs. She has so much fun stuff in her room! You could play with just her stuff for hours! Late Saturday Night I captured some of our bar entertainment for a Sheri’s Crib Quickie. Kristina Marie and Kitty Cat played the Juke Box and tipped the sexy Ruby Rose on the pole and Emma was tweeting away. I also got to know Kristina a little better while relaxing in our Jacuzzi outside, this was our first trip working together. She is a beautiful lady!

A whole month till I can play at Sheri’s (“work”) again! 🙁 What will I do to keep myself entertained? It is the Summer so time for a little vacation at Long Beach! Pool time at the Vegas hotels is always fun and if my future is bright I’ll get to see Deftones and Rise Against!

Time to hit the gym. Ttyl xoxo

(Everyone please chime in! Don’t be shy! )

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