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It’s fairly common for female guests to sunbathe or be topless at the rear courtyard pool and hot tub area. The only requirement is that both male and female guests and Courtesans must wear bathing suit bottoms in any outside area. Also, shoes or sandals and tops or shirts/blouses must be worn in all inside areas such as our Restaurant and Sports Bar. There are inside hot tub and bubble bath party rooms too and total nudity is the norm there.

It’s recommended that couples stay in Sheri’s Hotel for convenience and more opportunity to play and party. http://www.sherisranch.com/hotel/

Clients can schedule dinner with Courtesans at the Sports Bar & Restaurant or book a bungalow party where dinner is served in one of the six special suites. Sometimes couples party with a Courtesan or just one of the guests may have a private rendezvous with the Lady or Ladies of their choice. http://www.sherisranch.com/bungalow-suites/

Sheri’s Ranch doesn’t offer out-dates, but there is an adult store in Pahrump west of the Pahrump Nugget Hotel where clients may shop. Some of the Courtesans have their own special food or they can eat in the Courtesans dining room or in the restaurant with guests. Local restaurants occasionally deliver to Courtesans too.

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