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Speaking as part of a (newish) couple who has partied at Sheri’s. There are busy times at the ranch and so we try to communicate when we will be in town and or at Sheri’s through email in advance. We may nt make an appt till that day or day before but at least whom ever we are interested in has an idea when we will be there. I would think that cutting time short for another couple or single person could happen to any of us, if the bar is busy enough. That said I can understand it annoying whom ever it happens to, its an all around shitty situation. I think they try to treat us all equally, with appointments and line ups taking priority. It may have been a little miss communication, maybe giving off the wrong signal or the girls could misinterpret nervousness or anxiousness for disinterest. Maybe the couple had an appt, or the hostess thought she was with u longer. It could have been a number of things. If u are more than slightly interested then go for negotiations, u can talk some more there too. If u liked her and she was in the bar still after and u hadn’t found another lady u connected with, ask to talk with her again. If u remember her drink u cld send her one, this way she has no doubt u are interested. What if she had forgot u asked her to come back, we are all human and forget even things that seem impossible to forget. I have not witnessed or experienced what u have, and I hope that you dont again. I Also understand wanting time to talk and get to know the lady or ladies. We used Sheri’s web site to decide on some ladies we both liked then emailed them, to learn more. Alot of the girls are also on Twitter u can connect a little there. That way if it is busy again when u go at least u may not need as much time at the bar. This strategy worked for us but everyone is different. Hope everyone’s next trip is amazing 🙂

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