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So hello everyone, I saw this thread and decided that instead of reinventing the wheel I would just add on to it.

I’m currently planning my very first trip out to Vegas for the Star Trek convention and the end of the month, yes I’m a nerd and that is generally the problem. I hear about how beautiful and inviting all the girls are at the Ranch and start to get excited for my trip out there, but then I start reading more and more about it and now I’m terrified.

I am so shy and stand offish that I’m afraid that I will be that guy that “Can’t get laid in a Whore House” of course from everything I’ve read many more comments like that and I’m positive that I will so I’ll do my best to stop rambling.

Anywho, I’m having two issues that I would love to get some feed back on; First, I don’t like the idea of being put on the spot in front of a line up of drop dead gorgeous women, and the thought of trying to strike up a conversation with one of them in the bar area reminds me of every other time I’ve tried talking to someone at a bar, ie someone else swoops in and gets the girl leaving me with the tab. Second I’m staying in Vegas and if I’m reading this map right The Ranch is a bit of a drive away, and I don’t know if I can afford a taxi ride out there and back and still have an amazing time. (if I’m lucky)

Any help and assistance, or maybe even some simple encouragement would be greatly appreciated

The Guy that generally knows it all

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