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Hi Sparksfley, first off welcome the forums. Having been where you are in planning a first trip to the Ranch I can honestly say I was nervous as well. The best advice I can give you is to read as much of the forums as you can , check out the girls personal site page & take notice of any posts the girls have made on the forums. I am actually going back to the Ranch in November this year & have already booked a room for the Saturday & Sunday night. I have also emailed a number of ladies & booked 2 already. Like you I love planning & I would hate to get to the Ranch & find out the girls I want to party with are already booked. The sooner you book the better as you can then exchange emails with the Lady/s that you book a party with & get to know each other as well as explaining to her what you are looking for in your party. I know from looking at a significant number of the girls profiles that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a lady that is genuinely bi-sexual & would love to entertain a couple. Just pick out some ladies that you think you would like to spend time with & email them. Oh in case you don’t know the ladies can only answer their emails while they are at the Ranch. As to pricing that is something you can only find out once you are in their room at the Ranch, just save as much as you can. I have only had 1 party, that was in the Roman Bungalow & was great. With a bungalow party you get a meal included & some drinks. If the length of party you are planning on is for 2 or more hours then you may be better with a bungalow as they are larger than the ladies rooms. Personally the longer the party, the more relaxing & less rushed it is. Honestly Sheri’s Ranch is a place where amazing adult fantasies are fulfilled. I hope I have helped you with some of your questions Sparksfley but the ladies can & will answer all your other questions. You should also see more replies to your posts at some stage…….. Mark

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