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Hi there, and welcome to Sheri’s forum. I would be happy to answer some of your questions.

When you first arrive I definitely recommend hanging out in the bar and having a couple drinks to relax and get to know your lady on a more personal level rather than just over email.

1. Although you aren’t planning to visit until March it definitely wouldn’t hurt to check through the profiles and start striking up a conversation with that ladies you are interested in. We aren’t able to access our email when we are not at the ranch so don’t get bummed if someone doesn’t respond right away, just means that we aren’t at the ranch. Also, there are a lot of factors that go into our schedule considering most of us live out of state and fly in and travel plans change etc and make effect our future schedule.

2. Kissing is a bit of a grey area. The general rule is that we don’t swap any bodily fluids.

3. Like I said you can get comfortable with you lady in the bar first which isn’t time limited, within reason. Once we go back to the room we can talk about time for private activity be it fooling around or just hanging out together.

4. I definitely recommend the bungalow experience. They are a lot bigger and have a romantic fireplace, Jacuzzi bath tub, in room dining, open bar and just generally a more private experience.

5. “Finishes” really depend on what you guys negotiate when figuring out time and activity but I personally am very flexible with that. =)

6. I too enjoy vibrators and other fun toys. I have a wide variety of toys but you are also more than welcome to bring your favorite with you!

And for your follow up question: I have had couples were one or both are nervous and so far every time we all ended up having an amazing experience. I have also had very nervous men and I often get told that I am very genuine and easy to talk to. You can check out my reviews and see for yourself =)

So I hope that was thorough enough! If you have any other questions or just wanted to chat a bit feel free to email me!

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