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Angel Parr

I am one of the few licensed dominatrix’s here at Sheri’s, which means I have proper training as a dom and a sub. I have done many parties here in our dungeon as a dom, sub, and an overseer. If you are wishing to dominate a lady another courtesan, who has S&M experience has to be in the room at all times, so she can teach the proper way to use our naughty tools and to unsure that you respect the safe words. There are quite a few ladies who are willing to play your sub and finding a lady to sit in is usually a very easy task, but tis best to let your lady decide who she wants in the room. We know how each other work, who we are willing to party with, and who we think is going to give you the best time, so find the lady you want to dominate and let her show you a few friends. If you’ve never dominated a girl before it is very important that you let your girl know that you have little of no experience, this way she knows that she need to find a very experienced dom to be in the room who can easily teach you along the way. There are quite a few very risky things that you can do that seem relatively harmless, but can end up hurting us very badly or even being fatal. So be very open and honest about your wishes and be extremely detailed with what you want in the room, so that your lady can be prepared.

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