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Having made the drive numerous times, I can tell you the road between Baker and Shoshone is a basically straight, 2 lane road. The speed limit for most of it is around 55 mph & the police do patrol it at times. Be warned, I find there is no cell phone service for most of the drive and if it is raining or has rained recently the road can be flooded in areas. On some occasions there is hardly any traffic on the road (I think I once went around 30 minutes without seeing another vehicle.) Once you get to the outskirts of Shoshone you will turn right and head to Pahrump. This part of the drive has more hills and curves but is still a 2 lane road. For the vast majority of the drive from Baker to Pahrump you’ll be driving in the open desert with with little sign of civilization. Personally, I enjoy the drive but, as some of my firends there at Sheri’s can attest to, I’m a little strange.

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