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    What do you think is the best (being a mixture of economy and convenience) way to get to Sheris from the San Gabriel Valley in LA? Flying to Vegas from Ontario and getting a rental, or driving? Unfortunately, because of SO issues I would have to made the visit up and down in one day, so it’s kind of a Cannonball Run. Flying is clearly easier, but just so darn expensive and hard to hide…. Wondering what others in SoCal do, and if anybody else does the trip in a day.


    Flying leave you more energy for party activities. You are correct about it being overt, but if you gamble is there a problem?


    We’d love to have you visit Sheri’s and meet our lovely ladies!

    If you don’t have a GPS, you can print out driving direction from Google Maps. below is a recommended route that you might find helpful. It’s actually a somewhat beautiful and relaxing desert drive. Note that it is a four hour journey, each way.

    The great thing about Sheri’s is that we’re open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week! So no matter when you arrive, our ladies will be available and ready to give you the fantasy of your lifetime. Also, if you decide that you want to stay the night, Sheri’s has a hotel on premises – and all billing is VERY DISCREET.

    We look forward to meeting you!

    from San Gabriel Valley:

    Get on CA-60 E/State Hwy 60 E in South El Monte
    0.4 mi / 1 min
    Take CA-210 and I-15 N to CA-127 N/Kelbaker Rd in San Bernardino County. Take the CA-127/Kelbaker Rd exit from I-15 N
    165 mi / 2 h 21 min
    Continue on CA-127 N. Take CA-178 to Homestead Rd in Pahrump
    93.5 mi / 1 h 42 min

    Turn left onto CA-127 N/Kelbaker Rd
    Continue to follow CA-127 N
    56.4 mi

    Turn right onto CA-178
    Entering Nevada
    19.3 mi

    Continue onto NV-372 E
    7.7 mi

    Turn right onto NV-160 E
    2.1 mi

    Turn right onto Homestead Rd
    Destination will be on the left
    8.0 mi

    10551 Homestead Rd
    Pahrump, NV 89061



    Hostess is 100% correct. I’ve traveled that route every time I visit Pahrump, since it’s out of the way to drive to Las Vegas and then backtrack to Pahrump on NV-160-W.

    You can use whatever method to get to I15-N and exit at Baker, California. CA-127-N is the two-lane highway on the west side of the Mad Greek Restaurant. Follow CA-127-N and turn right or east just before you reach Shoshone California on CA-178-E which changes to NV-372-E when crossing the Nevada Stateline. Continue on NV-372-E until it intersects NV-160. Turn right on NV-160-E, and then turn right again on Homestead Road proceeding until it dead ends at Sheri’s Ranch.


    Our visitor come from that way and back in a day all the time. You can always stay in our hotel using a complimentary certificate after your sexy time. Then drive back in the morning with a smile on your face 🙂

    Charina Lee

    However you come, I believe you will enjoy the cumming more than the leaving! he, he, he.
    I’m soooo naughty today!



    Bad pun, Charina.


    How would those who’ve made the drive describe the last part from Baker to Pahrump? Looks like I could be coming over within the next 5 weeks.


    Unless you enjoy or have been traveling on the road regularly, you may be more comfortable riding on an airplane to Las Vegas and having a limo driver from Sheri’s Ranch to pick you up.


    Having made the drive numerous times, I can tell you the road between Baker and Shoshone is a basically straight, 2 lane road. The speed limit for most of it is around 55 mph & the police do patrol it at times. Be warned, I find there is no cell phone service for most of the drive and if it is raining or has rained recently the road can be flooded in areas. On some occasions there is hardly any traffic on the road (I think I once went around 30 minutes without seeing another vehicle.) Once you get to the outskirts of Shoshone you will turn right and head to Pahrump. This part of the drive has more hills and curves but is still a 2 lane road. For the vast majority of the drive from Baker to Pahrump you’ll be driving in the open desert with with little sign of civilization. Personally, I enjoy the drive but, as some of my firends there at Sheri’s can attest to, I’m a little strange.

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    Angel Parr

    The drive may be long, but driving can always be a fun journey, and fairly scenic. Flying is quite a bit less stressful, and much quicker but can be costly. However most flights into Vegas you can find fairly cheap, esp. if you preplan and book your flight ahead of time, you can even find packaged deals for the flight and the rental car.
    It is usually a much better choice to rent a car and drive yourself up here instead of taking the limo. We do offer it but unless you have a handicap that impairs you from driving you should rent a car or drive your own, this way you are not stuck on the limo drivers time, if you want to go to town to pick up a special toy for your party, gift for your girl, or a special meal you can do so. There are many contributing factors to driving yourself but most of our experienced clients will tell you even though it sounds like a good idea to take a driver and relax on your way up here, its much better to spend that extra hour behind the wheel and relax once you get here!

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