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Angel Parr

The drive may be long, but driving can always be a fun journey, and fairly scenic. Flying is quite a bit less stressful, and much quicker but can be costly. However most flights into Vegas you can find fairly cheap, esp. if you preplan and book your flight ahead of time, you can even find packaged deals for the flight and the rental car.
It is usually a much better choice to rent a car and drive yourself up here instead of taking the limo. We do offer it but unless you have a handicap that impairs you from driving you should rent a car or drive your own, this way you are not stuck on the limo drivers time, if you want to go to town to pick up a special toy for your party, gift for your girl, or a special meal you can do so. There are many contributing factors to driving yourself but most of our experienced clients will tell you even though it sounds like a good idea to take a driver and relax on your way up here, its much better to spend that extra hour behind the wheel and relax once you get here!

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