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Angel Parr

There is someone here for everyone. We do our best to meet all financial expectations. If you are set on parting with one particular lady, or set on one type of a party it is best to not limit yourself, bring as much as you can, and a back up credit card. If you say to yourself I’m only going to spend such and such then you have already limited yourself before you ever go to the ladies room. Some ladies do offer cheaper parties then other, however you have to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If you spend the least amount possible, your going to get the least amount of service as possible, if your lady isn’t happy with the price you can pretty well assume you’re not going to get the best party that she can provide. The more that you spoil us the more that we can spoil you. I always say the beautiful thing about money is you can always make it again tomorrow, and you cant take it with you, money is meant to be spent and circulated, so you might as well spend it while you got and have fun while you still can and lets be honest what better pleasure can you spend it on the a beautiful women who just wants to make you come, and send you home with a life long memory?!
Think about it when your laying on your death bed recalling the best and worst times of your life and you come back to the first time you came to Sheri’s your thought isn’t going be darn I wish I didn’t spend that much, its going to be what a great time you had and how amazing it was to have been able to had an experience like this!

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