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Angel Parr

Most of the gentlemen who come here are here because they are missing something in their lives, rather it be compassion, understanding, or just being lonely, even in their relationships, and some come here just for sex. Typically speaking though even the men who think they are just here for sex are really here for another reason, they are just too stubborn to admit it, even to themselves. There are many ways to be intimate, and many ways to fill the void man can obtain. Sometimes you just work way too much and need to be with a women who can help you relax, even though you come in thinking, “man I am stressed out and need to get laid” it is often times something far more meaningful that you are in search for. I have found most of the men who come here just for sex tend to leave feeling unfulfilled, and will be back much quicker then the men who allow us to do our job and figure out what you are really looking for, and leave stress free with a brand new outlook, even though they never touched us sexually. Intimacy is far more then penetration, Doctor Phil elaborates on the word intimacy as “into me I see” it is a feeling that starts from deep inside of you, intimacy is letting down all of your walls and allowing the person you are with to see the very best and the very worst of you. Most people are too concerned with their partner judging and leaving them to feel comfortable with ever letting their lover see the ugliest parts of them. Married couples die every day never truly understanding the person they spent their lives with, and never knowing the types of raw uncut truths that we will get from a man, because we wont judge. Being with a true courtesan is far more than sex, its the rare chance you get to open up completely, let your demons run free and allow us to help the good drown out the worst parts of your life, we are about purity, trusting a stranger because we have no reason for you to lie to each other, and no one that we are going to tell your secret’s too. We are a connection found no where else on earth that a lot of men and women will die without ever experiencing. Sex is a perk, the true art of our jobs is all in the mind and the soul.

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