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Courtesans are usually not able to accommodate a client for a party unless she’s currently appearing at Sheri’s Ranch. Ladies can sometimes alter their schedules ahead of time if Dena can arrange the changes. A large number of the Ladies live out of state, so they must make flight reservations well in advance to receive reasonable fares. Several of the Ladies have other jobs such as a Registered Nurse, Teacher and Biologist etc, and they must schedule this time as well. Also, the Ladies must clear a medical every week and each time they return to the ranch; there’s a minimum of one day waiting period for test results too. In addition, there are limited rooms available (approximately 25), so if the house is full there would be no quarters for her and the Ladies do not share rooms. However, assuming that everything went smoothly and you were able to arrange a special party (probably with a Courtesan who lives nearby), it would most likely be a mandatory bungalow party at the very least.

The minimum bungalow prices are listed on the parlor piano outside the office. These rates cannot be quoted on the Forum, through Ladies’ email or over the Sheri’s Ranch business telephone, since Nevada statutes requires the client to be physically at the licensed brothel. Client’s party costs are occasionally stated on SIN’s Message Board, but sometimes people are prone to exaggerate. Furthermore, if I negotiated a fantastically priced party with a Courtesan, I certainly wouldn’t divulge it to another patron since it wouldn’t be ethical and probably end my preferential treatment.

Some topics that aren’t discussed are party fees except in the Lady’s room. Clients and Ladies cannot exchange personal email addresses, home addresses or telephone numbers, and they are prohibited from meeting away from Sheri’s Ranch. This has happened in the past resulting in the Lady’s contract being cancelled and the client banned. Clients may not fondle, grope, kiss or passionately hug Courtesans except by permission in a party room, and the Hostesses monitor this type activity in the Sports Bar. It is recommended that clients determine what intimate liberties are allowed during negotiations, since forcing oneself upon a Lady afterward can be considered a sexual assault. Clients shouldn’t attempt to negotiate an under-the-table reduced party cost concealing an undisclosed tip, since management may “86” these clients. Sheri’s Ranch Courtesans may not visit a client’s hotel room, but a hotel guest may have a male or female roommate. The majority of Ladies do not appreciate offensive, abusive, inappropriate or exceptionally vulgar language.

Most women enjoy being treated respectfully as if they were a princess, since they are after all the fairer sex. A little flirting and romance goes a long way to indicate a man’s infatuation with his Lady. Not being a hypocrite I believe Courtesans are providing a wonderful service, a magnificent gift, since these Ladies are offering their beautiful bodies and passionate love, so they ARE very special women. Where else could ugly old men make love to gorgeous young women aside from their (wet) dreams? The Ladies refrain from negative conversation concerning management, staff or another Courtesan. Most of the Ladies will not divulge their real names or their city of residence; however, they know my name since I volunteer that information and I have used credit cards in the past… btw there is no additional fee for credit card transactions. Cash is great too, but no checks.

I too receive great gratification from pleasing my Lady, since that’s my number one priority. I really enjoy hugging, fondling, sensual spankings, ostrich feather tickling and body kissing as well as other types of intimate foreplay. Also kissing is a very sensual part of making love, but hepatitis, herpes and tuberculosis can be transmitted through saliva so it is unfortunately no longer a prevalent part of GFE. I’ve never seen a kissing dam or tongue condom, but I still enjoy cunnilingus with a clear dental dam (not the opaque black ones)… it’s better than nothing. I find it difficult to climax unless my Lady is enjoying our lovemaking encounter… hopefully with her screaming softly and lightly digging her fingernails into my back, lol! If my Lady has a very erotic time, then she’ll probably ensure that our party is a fantastic success. It’s a very true euphemism that it takes two to tango!

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