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Survivable? Yes.
Will you ever be the same? NO! LOL

Sounds like you’re gearing up for a “once in a lifetime” type experience. So I say, do it right and go all out. Have a mental list of things you want to do…and ASK FOR THEM! The gang at Sheri’s will take great care of you, and will do their best to make your dreams come true. They really are amazing at that. I’ve only partied with a handful of the women there, but I’ve met and observed many more, and I can say that virtually every woman there is about more than just good looks, but are great people as well.

A couple of suggestions:
– Energy drinks indeed!
– Make friends with Marci the bartender (you’ll thank me later). She’s awesome.
– Let the hostess know what you are looking for. If you want to meet someone specific, want to be left alone to eat, want to “interview” a few girls before deciding; they can help make that happen.
– Do yourself a favor, just for those couple of days, resolve to leave the shyness at home. Adopt an alter ego if you have to. Not saying to become a belligerent ass, I just think it would be a shame if your shyness held you back from enjoying yourself.

Have a great time…I’m jealous!

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