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    Amber Lynn

    I thought it might be fun if everyone had the opprotunity to get to know each other a bit better…So please participate and have fun sharing a few little tid bits and facts about yourself…

    6 Things You May Have NEVER Guessed About AMBER LYNN

    1. I am a wall flower in the bar…very quiet and resevred (hard to belive for those of you who know me personally). If you visit the ranch chances are I am sitting in the corner coloring…LOL! But keep in mind its the quiet ones you have to watch out for!

    2. I am a total computer geek! Hey if it works…it works! You should see me in my glasses I am a nerd!

    3. I love partying with couples! Its amazing to create a magical unforgettable experience for couples! 2 girl parties at the ranch are fabulous too!

    4. I will try anything once…I love catering to the wildest craziest fanticies and fetishes…why be vanilla? Perhaps rocky road with sprinkles! It keeps things exciting!

    5. I am a firm believer that personality is key! I think I am quite the character…LOL! I am quite commical and a bit of a smart ass! If you know me you may of may not agree!

    6. I love DUCT TAPE! How can you not? It comes in every color and pattern you could imagine. You can be as creative as you want…you can make anything with DUCT TAPE…heck you can even use it for restaints (I am a naughty little vixen!)

    Alright there you have it…6 little know facts about me…Your turn!

    Eva M

    6 things you might not know about Eva:
    • I played water polo in High School… Yes loves, I can tread deep waters. Might explain my love of the Great White shark
    • I am an Apple-holic!!! I have ALL things Apple & try to keep current on what new technology is coming out. It’s so very convenient to have access to all my stuff because it’s all in the same place. (Neat Freak)
    • I played the Cello for 4 years & have a deep love of classical music. The very first time I heard the Cello was when my music instructor played the song for Jaws (again Great White reference)
    • I’ve never seen fresh snow fall. I’m a warm weather girl, southern CA born & raised, and although I love visiting far away places I’ve never been in a cold town while it was snowing. It’s on my Bucket List… Sit by a warm fire with hot coco while its snowing outside.
    • I’ve played / partied with at least 13 different girls at Sheri’s… My goal is to play with them ALL!!!
    • My measurements are actually 34C-27-38 NOT what’s on my profile.

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    • This reply was modified 7 years, 4 months ago by Eva M.

    6 Things You May Have NEVER Guessed About Firefighter:

    1. I shoot Sheet, clay targets thrown from high and low houses at eight different shooting positions. Skeet differs from Trap shooting since Trap birds are all thrown away from the shooter from 5 different shooting positions and varying distances. I shot 10,000 12 gauge shotgun shells one year which equates to 400 rounds of skeet. My best day was 156 straight birds (six rounds) before missing. Also I shoot 40 S&W semi-auto, 45 ACP semi-auto, 38/357 revolver, 44 Mag revolver, 5mm spring gun and 308 rifle. In addition, I’m a NRA Benefactor Life member.

    2. I’m somewhat quiet since I like to evaluate people initially before divulging my innermost thoughts. I like to play pool with the Ladies since it gives us a chance to get acquainted and build a connection or instill romantic chemistry. Playing pool is a great icebreaker and a competitive sport too.

    3. I’m a computer geek too I suppose, since I spend hours on my laptop (no porn either, lol)! I wear glasses to read and operate a computer since I’m slightly near sighted, so I guess I’m a nerd too. I’m 6’2” tall and 215 pounds weight.

    4. I like two and three girl parties, since they’re usually fun type parties. However, most of the time I’m in the mood for strictly romance I prefer single Lady parties. Also, I’m at the age where I have trouble handling more than one Girl at a time.

    5. I like handcuffs, Japanese silk rope, Kama Sutra products, ostrich feathers, sleep masks, raspberry lube, discipline paddles, ice cubes and whipped cream for those sensual moments.

    6. I work out five times a week and enjoy my time at the gym. It keeps me in reasonable shape and helps prevent injuries while preforming everyday tasks and sexual acrobatics. I like mountain hiking too for exploration, fun and exercise. BTW, Pahrump is the eastern gateway to Death Valley National Park, the largest National Park in the US, and it’s only an hour away.

    Alright there you have it… 6 little known facts about me… Next persons turn!

    Kimmy D

    * I love to read and write naughty literature, what started out as reading a book to pass the time ended with a “self-love” party! I realize how much I love to explore the erotic side of my imagination.

    * I am a caffeine addict! I absolutely must have my morning coffee and like to drink it hot even in the summer time.

    * I am an adrenaline junkie for sure. I am into Extremes, whether it be speed, heights, or just having FUN I don’t like to do anything in moderation!

    * I love to RIDE!!! I love motorcycles, and I ride a sportbike. My first love was a GSX-R 750, and with each mile my love has grown deeper and deeper.

    * I am very much an exhibitionist and LOVE to perform in front of people. I grew up doing gymnastics, ballet, cheer, and drill team so I am definitely not a shy girl. Being on stage is a high for me!

    * I frequently do volunteer work. To me it is very refreshing and rewarding in its own right. I have worked with the American Red Cross in several national emergencies to organize and assist, as well as donating blood.


    1. The nerd gauntlet has been thrown down, kindly allow me to pick it up and throw it down again emphatically! I am a bona fide card-carrying member of the club (not the president, but at least on the board of directors), allow me to present a few of my qualifications: I collected comic books and action figures (all were stolen years ago so I stopped). Instead of a globe of the Earth most kids had, I had a globe of Mars. I graduated high school with a 4.0 gpa and received my BS in engineering with a 3.5 gpa. If I’m not reading a fantasy/sci-fi book, then it’s a book on chemistry or physics for no other reason than I find those subject fascinating. I think rocks are very interesting. I have a light saber. I think Monty Python is hilarious, I know a lot of their skits by heart. I can fix anything mechanical, and most things electronic.

    2. If you saw me walking down the street, or at the beach, or rock climbing, or racing mountain bikes, or snowboarding, or partying with my friends you would never guess I have #1 inside; nerd is just one shade of me. I do not like labels or stereotypes and do my best to redefine any mold I find myself lumped into.

    3. I enjoy masturbation. Everyone does it (if they say they don’t, they’re lying, stop that!), no one talks about it. Why not? It’s not a replacement for sex by a long shot, and I’m lucky I guess because I always manage to get laid, but I have to admit that I give myself the best hand job I’ve ever had. I am very much a fan of sharing, however, and always on the look out for someone who thinks their technique can 1-up me. 🙂

    4. I’ve had sex with a married woman. I do not condone cheating and never cheat when I am in a relationship, but I was 19, she was 18 and married to a guy who was 52. She wasn’t getting what she needed and came to me and I was able to make her happy.

    5. I am deathly afraid of spiders. If one gets near me I’ll scream. If one crawls on me it’s game over.

    6. I can only count to 5.

    6 for real. If you put me in a car I become an asshole and hate everyone in the world, especially the idiot right in front of me. The same person I’d smile at and say hello to if we passed on the sidewalk will instead bear the brunt of all my wrath as I yell the worst things imaginable at them (with my windows rolled up of course, this is LA, I don’t want to get shot). If only I gave people the finger in the bedroom as much as I do in my car… *rim shot*

    Kimmy D

    Pierced, I want to see your light saber!


    “The Force is with you, young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet.”
    Darkside all the way. 😉


    1). I have fashion issues. I’ve worn jeans to the beach.

    2). I can sing along to Gilbert and Sullivan’s You Are the Very Model of a Modern Major General.

    3). I live in Anchorage and I’m single. No one believes me, but I promise, in Alaska the odds are good but the goods are odd. Once a guy with seven fingers and ten teeth asked me out and I said yes. He was hot.

    4). My celebrity crush is Simon Schama from the Complete History of Britain.

    5). If I’m ever executed and can only have one last meal, it would be kimchee because that takes 24 years to ripen.

    6). My favorite guilty pleasure is taunting phone solicitors in a baby voice, “I’m so glad you called because my mom went to the bar two days ago and she hasn’t been back and my step dad took my baby brother and said he was going to Mexico and I’m here at the house all by myself and all there is in the fridge is Copenhagen, can you call my grama and tell her what happened, she’s at Georgia Correctional … “


    1. I’m actually very shy and do not like big groups of people. I have to give myself a motivational pep talk in the mirror to psych myself into the moment. …. you can do it… you will not trip, fall flat on your face with your skirt over your head… no. nothing is in your teeth…

    2. I love, love, love Holstein cows. My second job ever was milking cows on a large dairy farm in New Jersey. They stole my heart at the tender age of 16. I would get covered in cow manure, walk into any store at the end of the day and ALWAYS get to the head of the line. I got perverse enjoyment from watching the line part like the Red Sea.

    3. I have a major passion for creating things, from cooking things from scratch to building and growing things from start to finish. Latest mission… get a sheep.. learn how to shear it… learn how to spool the wool.. then knit a sweater from it.

    4. I’m having an on again off again love affair with potato chips. The salty goodness of the heavens… yummmm

    5. My favorite body parts on a person are their hands and eyes. I find them to be fascinating and beautiful. Guess that makes me a hand person?…

    6. I hate wearing shoes! Can’t stand my feet being covered.

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    Pierced, I want to see your light saber!

    Wait a minute, you meant…



    1. I have been a jazz fan for 49 years. The first jazz recording I can remember hearing was “Jazz Goes To College” by the Dave Brubeck Quartet. After that I was totally hooked. I could never get thue sound of Paul Desmond’s sax out of my head. So naturally I became a collector and amassed a collection that has reached over 3000 albums and 5000 CDs. Of course, I can’t play any musical instrument or read music. Despite these drawbacks I teach jazz history and listening classes at a local school.

    2. After listening to music, my second favorite thing to do is read. I love hard-boiled crime fiction(James Ellroy is the best), science fiction and horror fiction. My geek/nerd gene is definitely NOT recessive. I love Stephen King. He’s about the same age as me so his cultural reference points are about the same as mine would be. My SF favorites are the Golden Age guys like Asimov, Heinlein and Clarke. The newer people I read are David Brin, John Varley, Greg Bear & Robert J. Sawyer.

    3. At age 33 I had Stage IV Hodgkin’s Disease. Talk about something that will make you face your mortality at an early age! Took chemotherapy and radiation for about a year . I don’t recommend it for a fun time. My five year survival rate odds at that time were around 25%. But here I am and damn glad to be here.

    4. I love really bad science fiction and horror movies from the 1950s. The worse they are the more I like them. I’ve seen hundreds but my personal favorite is a little gem directed by Roger Corman called “Not Of This Earth”. You really
    should look it up. It’s goofy, funny & just a little bit creepy. A great combo!

    5. I’ve owned a series of cats and loved them all. My latest is named Charlie(after the famed jazz alto player, of course). I cry every time I lose one, but hey, that’s just the way I roll.

    6.Saved the best(or worst) for last. The first time I had sex I was 62 years old. That would have been this past March. At the Ranch and it was a transformative experience. Think I’ll pass on telling you who had to endure that fist time but I will say she was beyond belief and waaaay out of my league. How’s that for a geek /nerd confession?

    So that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.


    Eva M

    Firefighter your #5 was speaking my language.
    5. I like handcuffs, Japanese silk rope, Kama Sutra products, ostrich feathers, sleep masks, raspberry lube, discipline paddles, ice cubes and whipped cream for those sensual moments. When can I treat you to my vixen version of what you’ve described?

    Pierced I accept your challenge from the #3 on your list. Maybe I can learn a new technique? And #6 had me laughing hysterically in the bar. I can totally relate to LA road rage, it happens to the best of us.

    Tatyana I love your post, so many interesting and entertaining facts about you. I was laughing the whole time.


    I will give it a try….

    1) I am extreamly shy. I make up for this by drinking till I become too bombed to care, and I really hate doing that but cant help it..

    2) I love motorcycles but love classic cars even more

    3) I love sea food… ok at 255# I love food!

    4) I love handguns but have never owned or even fired on

    5) I love sex, but due to those I have been with (and now back issues) my experiences are limited to only a few positions. But I do love learning new things!

    6) I hate fakers… Like me or hate me but don’t pretend, have an orgasm or not but don’t fake one,

    …. I’ll be there in June and see if any are still true afterwards?

    Kimmy D

    Pierced, yeah that one is cool too!

    Mr. Paul, #2 and #4 yes! Me too!!! #5 and #6, I am sure that if we put our heads together we can come up with more than a few EXPLOSIVE positions that will be to both our benefit!

    Amber Lynn

    @eva …I am not musically enclined in the least bit, so I find it fascinating that you play the cello…

    @firefighter…it sounds like you are quite the shot! I love that own your “computer geekiness” but as quiet, the verdict is still out on that one! Lol! I know you too well!

    @pierced…a fellow nerd and ratnaphobic! Who doesn’t love masturbation? I personally think that women enjoy it just as much if not more, and perhaps enduldge as frequently but we just are as vocal about it!

    P.S. your light saber is incredible…for some reason….I have nothing but naughty thoughts involving your light saber!

    @kimmyd….the fact that we are both caffeine addicts is yet one more thing we have in common….it’s all starting to make sense! Lol!

    @ naughtytatyana…you are fabulous! Although I must admit that I am a bit jealous of your ex boyfriend…lol! I am from Kentucky so my odds aren’t much better!

    @ ranch mama…I must say that you mask your shyness incredibly well, I never would have guessed! Sheep are cool, but you can’t forget about your fainting goat!

    @jazzmark007…I love your openness, there is nothing wrong cashing in your “v” I am sure you had the most incredible and unforgettable experience! Most would be envious of all the fun you had!

    @mrpaul…liquid can go along way! I am sure a few of us ladies would love to teach you a few things when you visit the ranch in June!

    Thank you all for participating! You are all fabulous…stay tuned for the next fun thread!


    Sorry Im a lil late 🙂 But here here are my secrets dont tell anyone…

    1. I am afraid of the dark 🙁 Yes it’s true. Unless I have a snuggle buddy I need to sleep with the tv and still hear every little scary but not really scary noise.

    2. Similiar to Ranchmama, I am also very shy. Extremely dislike group speaking. I do ok with one-on-one which is why some may not notice but throw me in a group and you may think I didnt talk at all. Don’t get me wrong if I have something to say I will say it but I guess I tend to enjoy listening to the conversation more.

    3. I like big butts and I can not lie. Everyone can appreciate the curves of a woman and so do I. What a perfect way to confess to one of the best in the house!

    4. I was a “good kid” but went to the “bad kid” school. Always had good grades and been ahead just didnt like to go… have always been a work at my own pace kind of person. Went to an Alternative High School where I still barely showed up but managed to graduate a year and a half early with a good chunk of college credits. Ok I’m a little naughty, but you could never tell…punish me in the classroom please 🙂

    5. Don’t know how to swim. Angelica has tried to teach me in our pool but I think we had a bit too many cocktails to give it a good effort. That could be an interesting role play idea…

    6. Let’s just get it out there… I do have a very sensual side and love to take my time and enjoy eachother but with the right company I love my hair pulled, ass slapped, slight choke when permitted, please and thank you.

    Would you have guessed? Thanks Amber for starting this, I enjoyed learning new stuff I would have never known!

    Charina Lee

    Six things you might not know about Charina Lee!!!

    1.) I grew up on an air force base in the Philippines and LOVE the military!

    2.) When I was a little girl, I used to climb tall trees and talk to the monkeys in the mountain province where my family grew up!

    3.) I love to write and am writing a book about my life immigrating to the USA when I was only 16!

    4.) I am a self proclaimed chef and have hundreds of my own recipes including the best spring rolls ever tasted!

    5.) I don’t LIKE sex! I LOVE IT!

    6.) I used to be a bad ass motorcycle mama, riding my own bike when all the other ladies were back seat riders!!!! LOL.


    Ok I think I can give it a go..

    1) I am an EXTREMELY shy smart ass! I don’t like being put on the spot, I get beet red! LoL (which makes me go further into my shyness..) and would rather turn away from big crowds.. I prefer a one-on-one conversation with people I don’t quite know yet.. But I will have a quick come back and generally something funny to say (well… at least funny to me hehe) if the conversation or comment calls for it 🙂

    2) I don’t know how to meditate, so I use my workouts as meditaion..It’s a great stress reliever for me, I prefer to run. Ask anyone that knows me, I try to be in the gym almost everyday for at least a good run.. When one of my older brothers was training for the Marines, he would take me along, that’s where it all began..

    3) I am a 5’9” natural blonde, light skin MEXICAN! Yes, we come in all shapes, sizes and skin colors.. No I’m not albino… Mexicans are mestizos, remember?

    4) I absolutely love love love a good massage and the more sensual side to sex and foreplay.. There’s nothing like building up the anticipation with caressing and slight teasing..

    5) I generally keep a close knit group of friends.. Ones that I love like family, take care of when need be (my cancer-like mama bear side comes out) and can be my non-shy self with.. It takes a lot for me to open up to new people, plus my shy and sometimes quiet demeanor comes off as ‘bitchy’ so I guess it also takes a lot for people to approach me LoL

    6) ok…. I have a MAJOR girl crush on someone in the house.. She is beyond sensual and sexy and just.. Wow! She is such a flirt and is constantly teasing me… If only we could have more 2-girl parties together…


    6 things you would have never guessed about Tiffany Hilton

    1) I am polyamorous 🙂 Check the link below for some mind blowing knowledge.

    2)I enjoy classical music. Especially string quartets.

    3) In addition to loving looking like a sexy school girl, I actually am a sexy college girl. I received my BFA from Columbia College Chicago in 2010 and am currently attending UIC for a second Bachelors in psychology.

    4) I love public sex! Cop cars, bars full of patrons, music fests, restaurant bathrooms, and yes even in study hall 🙂

    5)I have an amazing love for all things nerdgasm inducing! Talk nerdy to me baby!

    6) I have never had plastic surgery, I have been blessed with great genes.


    I will give it a try….

    1) I am inherently introverted and shy. I have earned every ounce of confidence that I project on a daily basis and it was a painful process.

    2) I love sci fi and anime. Mostly classic anime like Ranma 1/2 and Ninja Scroll. I am the technical writer and an actor in an independently produced sci fi film called Dark Operations: A Dark Odyssey Begins. And I believe Sheri’s owns a copy of the DVD.

    3) I love food, especially pacific rim cuisines. I’m a bit picky when it comes to Chinese food and sushi.

    4) I am a late bloomer when it comes to firearms but I am avidly learning to become a better shooter and welcome the chance to learn from others.

    5) My libido has gotten me into lots of trouble though no one believes me because I don’t party often. For those of you who know Dex’s story about The Challenge, my number is 11.

    6) I am a master at the controls of a Sybian. My services have been highly sought.

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