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    Kimmy D

    Wow Cronos, your Sybian skills peak my curiosity!



    @ Kimmy….. we should talk… (wink)



    6 Things You May Have NEVER Guessed About SouthPaw:

    1) Before ever coming to Sheri’s, I was a bit more shy/quiet around a bigger group of people, was constantly up and down in the dating scene and had given up on dating and relationships all together. I took a step back and believed I owed it to myself to have fun and let loose….and well, here I am! 😀 As time went on, age and wisdom kick in alil more and now I have a “don’t give a crap about what people think” attitude, but w/o being a D-bag about it.

    2) I don’t drink or drink very little, not becuz I’m a recovering alcoholic (pyeah, I wish!) but becuz I lack an enzyme that breaks down alcohol which in turn hits my blood stream faster, causes me to turn red, glossy-eyed, sweaty and with heart palpitations. The only way out of this is to pop a Pepcid b4 drinking but you know what they say about mixing drugs and alcohol. Of course, gimme a Xyience or RockStar energy drink and I can take a nap right after.

    3) Opposite of Miss Amber Lynn, I’m a computer nerd by trade, but not by hobby. I work in the Information Technology field and know what I need to know to do my job, but if you ask me what’s the latest and greatest newest systems out there in the market are, I will stare at you like you have 3 heads. I have other hobbies and interest that are more important.

    4) Before every party, I have a routine (like most guys) of prepping myself: Workout, eat something light, shower, shave, trim nails, brush teeth, deodorant, do my hair all to the UFC Intro Song “Face the Pain” (Really Face the Fun) by Stemm to psych myself up! Instead of the fights, I think back to every girl I’ve partied with and the most intense moments during each battle, er party.

    5) After a really HOT intense party with a girl, I will high five myself, raise my arms in victory intensity and shadow box in her bathroom, the bungalow bathroom or my hotel bathroom from the adrenaline rush. (her not looking, of course LOL) On the flip side, if I felt my performance was lacking or missed a moment of “coulda, woulda, shoulda” during the party, but didn’t follow thru in a flowing way, I do beat myself up (not literally lol) and am my own worse critic.

    6) Ever since coming to Sheri’s and having fun playing with numerous ladies, sex has become…more of a sport for me. I live for and love building the connection, the sensuality and the “let the bodies hit the bed” thrill of partying with a new lady or re-acquainting with a lady I’ve played with before. Even tho I’m far from being a “sexpert” I seek to challenge myself and make challenges to the ladies by going up against the Best of the Best!

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    OK I’ll play!
    Before I begin, has anyone else noticed the “shyness” theme running through many of the responses so far? Pretty unexpected and intriguing IMO.

    Alissa and Olivia: I can totally relate to some of the challenges you mentioned…although I don’t consider myself “shy” exactly, I’m definitely an introvert, prefer to listen and observe, and sometimes get mistakenly labelled as aloof or stuck up (It’s really not true, I swear!).

    Now on to the list:
    1) I have the distinction of being the first to party in Sheri’s PlayLand. Char and Destini teamed up, and had their way with me. BOOYAAAHH! I happened to show up to see the lovely Char, who informed me that it had opened earlier that day, and hadn’t been used yet…No way I could pass up those bragging rights! 😉

    2) My favorite bartender is Marci at Sheri’s. She’s my favorite of all time, ever, hands down, without question…and it’s not even close. Marci is that amazing in my book!

    3) I love quirky, edgy, borderline offensive comedy. (Chappelle’s Show, Sunny in Philly, South Park, Louie, Archer, etc). If it pushes boundaries and makes you think, then I’m all about it! Plus I think, for the most part people need to get the fuck over themselves…I mean c’mon, we’re all different and every single race, religion, gender and orientation has some pretty goofy shit going on, so what? We should all laugh at ourselves once in a while. I think comedy like that can help people realize how ridiculous life is sometimes.

    4) It’s not always easy or comfortable, but I try my best to always: Admit when I’m wrong, say “I’m sorry” when I screw up, realize I don’t know the answer to everything, and tell those that I love and care about how I feel about them. I’ve found that most of the problems or regrets I’ve had in life have been because I didn’t do one of those things.

    5) I have the odd talent of being able to unhook bras, one handed, over OR under a shirt, in about 1 second. This has virtually no practical application, although it does occasionally earn me some props and pleasantly surprised giggles during intimate moments.

    6) I always say that nothing is true. But then again, I’m a liar.




    So the forum is acting up again. I just posted a reply to this and it didn’t work and now I’ve lost it all.



    Ok here goes.

    6 things you didn’t know about Emma:

    1. I too, am shy. People are always telling me how quiet I am when I’m in a big group. I’m much better in an intimate one on one settings. However, I’m actually quit good at public speaking. I love being on state.

    2. I used to be a ballarina and a singer. I started ballet at age 5 and went to dance college for a year after highschool but I had to drop out because of a hip injury. I joined my first chior at age 8 and sang all the way through school. I also recorded 2 singles with a minor record label in Melbourne, Australia (where I lived). After leaving dance college I became a qualified gym instructor. I then went to university (college) to study nutrition then I switched to physiology and parmacology but I never finished. Now I’m getting some IT certifications. Which brings me to my next point…

    3. I can be extremely indecisive. I sometimes even have trouble deciding what to have for lunch. The problem is, I like everything and I want all of it.

    4. I love to travel and try new things, and I love to learn about other people. Be it culture, religion, food, sexuality, fetishes, anything. I find people fascinating. I expecially love learning about what gets different people going. It’s fantastic when someone suggests something in a party that I’ve never tried before. I believe variety is the spice of life and I embrace it every chance I get.

    5. I wish I was a linguist but I’m not very good at learning new languages. The only language I speak well is English. I speak broken French and Indonedian, from school. I used to be fluent in Australian Sign Language but I don’t use it at all anymore, especially because US Sign Language is so different, so I have forgotten most of it. I lived in Vietnam for a few months in 2009 and taught English. I leant some Vietnamese while I was there but again I’ve forgotten most of it. I still know enough to introduce myself and order food. My language bucket list includes Spanish, Mandarin, Hebrew, Arabic, German and well, pretty much any language I can fit into my brain.

    6. I am a nerd. It’s funny how there’s so many nerd on here. I love being a nerd because I love not having to apologise when I get a little too enthousiastic or passionate about something which probably isn’t cool. I’ve already mentioned I’m studying IT. I’m also a bit of a gamer. I am OBSESSED with Doctor Who. I was in love with Game of Thrones since I discovered it a few years ago. I’ve only read the first 2 books and watched the first 3 seasons. But I was so upset after what happened in the 3rd season that I don’t know if I can handle it anymore. Seriously, I’m still shocked and devistated.



    I have to say that I really enjoy reading these responses. You certainly can get a feel for someone. Now I have had the pleasure to get to know most of you. So the little nuggets that you have imparted are awesome and make me say “ohhhh ya, I can so see that”. For those of you that I have not had the pleasure to meet, it’s nice to get more of a feel for who you are.. pretty cool stuff



    Interesting replies! Now its my turn:

    1. I take very few things serious (money, my house, and my truck haha) and have often been called a sarcastic asshole. To which I reply thank you to.

    2. I am a gun enthusiast. I have a good collection going and carry a pistol almost everyday everywhere I go.

    3. I am socially awkward. I’m pretty shy until I either get to know someone or they talk enough for me to get over it. Which is probably why I’ve only been on 1 blind date, ever….

    4. I am a huge nerd, especially when it comes to random/useless facts and trivia.

    5. I have competed in car stereo competitions for about 8 years. I have become well known throughout the midwest and even internationally.

    6. I love women with a passion. I make sure you’re taken care of before I am.



    YB Goode – First to play in Playland? That is pretty darn cool! I hope they gave you a ribbon or a trophy or something. 🙂



    1) I was on the cross country team in high school. I made three miles up and down sandy hills in seventeen minutes and thirty-eight seconds.

    2) Like Kimmy, I’m also an adrenaline junkie. I love almost anything that gets my blood rushing, from watching cops to combat to thriller novels. Storms, earthquakes, speeding, seeing a kid scrape his knee *gets the first aid kit* and video games too.

    3) I have an uncontrollable urge to help people. It’s not just a WANT, it’s a NEED. I have to do something to help someone (even stray or injured animal) at least once a week, even if it’s just helping someone carry groceries to the car. Otherwise I’ll start shaking and foam at the mouth. Just kidding! I’m also a certified emergency medical responder. Currently looking into fire science so I can volunteer in that area too!

    4) I don’t like candy. I like looking at it, but I don’t like eating it.

    5) I cry watching episodes of Boy Meets World and Teen Titans.

    6) I collect everything Batman. EVERYTHING!

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    Wow… I never would have guessed so many of the girls at Sheri’s were so shy. That’s 1 thing I never would have guessed about you ladies ;-)!



    OK, I’ll chime in.
    1. I’m writing what I hope will be the great American novel (though getting it published and having it get some good reviews and selling well is my more realistic goal).
    2. I’m a good thirty pounds overweight even though I’m a fitness freak (I also like beer and pizza, so…)
    3. I was a cheerleader in college.
    4. I’m a member of Mensa.
    5. I love the hot and dry desert climate.
    6. Myers-Briggs: INFJ. Bonus points for anyone who knows what the hell that even means!

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    Amber Lynn

    Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator
    …an assessment psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions

    introversion, intuition, feeling, judging
    …an abbreviation used in the publications of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to refer to one of the sixteen personality types

    @Anakin…what do I win?

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    WHOA! Color me impressed! I hadn’t thought of an actual prize. I didn’t expect anyone to know that one. For now, you’ll have to settle for “bonus points.”



    Wished I had seen this earlier. Anyway, I’ll have a go at it…

    1) I almost died as a baby due to the birth defect hydrocephalus
    2) The operation I had to combat the hydrocephalus changed me from a righty to a lefty
    3) I love languages… I can say “hello,” “goodbye” and “where’s the bathroom?” in at least five different tongues
    4) When it comes to food, I have one basic rule… as long as it doesn’t bite me first, I’ll try it
    5) I played the trombone and tuba as a youngster (any one else here tubescent like me?)
    6) Whenever I hear big band or old standards (Sinatra, Tony Bennett, etc.) music I instinctually start tapping my left foot and humming or singing along



    Very interesting, Schwalsr. You and I have a bit in common, too. For instance, I had some infant complications that left me with a surgical scar and may have prevented me from seeing the light of day. Also, I’m musically educated; but it’s all about the woodwinds, sir! JK, one of my best buds played the tuba. Also, I like languages and hope to become fluent in at least all of the romantic languages at some point in my life. Par hazard, vous parlez francais? What languages do you know a little bit of?



    Bien sur, je parle francais! I also speak un poco de espanol, un po’ d’italiano e um muito pequeno pouco de portugues.

    We do share a surgical connection. I have two scars (I call them my tattoos) from the operation that saved my life. They make for great conversation topics. Yours too?



    No. It’s actually barely visible. Even I have to really look for it sometimes.


    Six more things about Tiffany Hilton

    1) I am very flexible and can bend myself in to may diffrent positions. Yoga does wonderful things for the body and soul.

    2) I enjoy educating myself, I am a professional student. Knoweledge is power. I am never afraid to ask a question when I do not know the answer to something, and enjoy listening to that persons explanation. I am a naughty school girl through and through.

    3)I am a card carrying NRA member and one of the first recipients of a concealed carry permit in Chicago. Even if you don’t believe in God or guns, remember when in danger you always call someone with a gun and pray to God they show up in time. I also do assemblies in elemetry schools in the innercity schools to educate children about the responsibly associated with a firearm, and what to do if you find one.

    4)I love riding my bike down the LSD (lake Shore Drive) path in Chicago during the summer. The scenery is beautiful and the people watching is amazing.

    5) I despise all things black licorice flavored. I’m sorry but Ansie is not fit for human consumption in my personal opinion.

    6) I do not stand for bullying of any sort. I was bullied a lot growing up for being intelligent and quirky. No one should have to put others down to make themselves feel better. I always remind others that opinions are not facts, there for you should stop worriny what other think of you.

    Dates for January 14th-26
    P.S. follow me on twitter @tiffanyhiltonxx

    Also check out my amazon wishlist http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/ref=cm_wl_search_6?ie=UTF8&cid=AFOD91L9WBQC5


    Amber Lynn

    @Anakin…I suppose a friendly game of boggle will suffice for my prize!

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