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    Hi everyone, being the resourceful 24 year old that I am, I have searched every corner of the forum and blog and hopefully I am actually asking questions that no one else has before. At the very least I am not asking about prices! My questions are more about the experience and ladies than anything else. So without further stalling, here they are:

    1. I am interested in quite a few of you lovely ladies and I would very much like to narrow my choices. I would like to do this through e-mail, but alas there is a problem. I have no set date for when I can attend the ranch, I would LOVE to come during Halloween or for Super Hero day(Hell I’d love to come today!), but with my business needing the brunt of my attention currently and no idea when things will die down, I cannot confirm anything. My question is “Do the ladies mind having long back/forth e-mails or discussing party interests well before I plan to come?” To me I feel like someone entering a car dealership, test driving all the cars and leaving without any intention of buying, which is not the case. I also am not stupid and realize that for every second the girls are answering e-mails, they are not on the line-up floor or in the bar and are losing theoretical dollars. I just don’t want to bother them if I should wait until I have a set date.

    2. I understand that most of the ladies work in shifts that cover 5am-5pm or vice versa. This leaves me puzzled as to how a party in a bungalow that ends with snuggling works. Say I get a lady that works 5pm-5am, does that mean that while she’ll be there while I’m awake and will be there while I am asleep she won’t be there if I wake up unless I do so at 5am? I would love to end a wild and crazy party snuggled close to the girl of my choice and wake up in each others arms, perhaps ending the party with breakfast, but it doesn’t seem possible with how shifts work. Maybe it requires clearing with the house madam, maybe it’s considered overtime(which if you are an independent contractor really makes no sense), or maybe it requires a special mention on the reservation and has to be cleared by the individual courtesan. I have seen other ladies on the forum mention “party all night” but something tells me that is more for insomniacs than what I’m looking for. All I know is I can’t think of a person alive that wouldn’t want to be paid to sleep, even if it is next to scaly old me ;).

    3. I have looked through the menu and the list of massages, but I cannot confirm if Sheri’s has a sauna or not. Being that the place is labeled as a spa from time to time I assume that there is one, but I am not entirely sure. It is another party idea of mine that I’d like to cross off my list, but not a huge deal if there is no on-site sweat lodge.
    Thanks to anyone who answers and hopefully I will at least be able to make baby steps towards my trip over the next few months. If I miss June 24th, I am going to be so salt!


    firefghter will provide much more details…
    I would email the ladies that interest you, start up a dialogue and maybe work toward a date or small range of dates that you could be at the Ranch.
    The length of your party and location could be discussed ahead of time. prices have to wait until the negitiations. You should make it clear to your lady if you want a party to start or stop at off shift times.



    The Ladies must be physically at Sheri’s Ranch to access their email. There are a limited number of house computers available for the 24 Courtesans and they’re only able to answer emails in their free time. The Ladies must divide this time equally between all the emails they receive. In some cases it may take several weeks to receive a reply depending on their Sheri’s Ranch schedule. Courtesans can allow clients a reasonable amount of time emailing before they actually become that Lady’s client and party. Clients may contact Courtesans on twitter too; however, some only receive tweets and not private messages. http://newblog.sherisranch.com/forums/topic/the-ladies-of-sherisbrothel/

    I believe the most commonly negotiated time limit for a GFE party is one hour. There are non-sex parties that clients regularly request too for varying time limits. Bungalow parties are normally two hours. Clients may negotiate an overnight party but the cost is commensurate with the amount of time a client has a Courtesan indisposed.

    I have not visited the SPA since it was remodeled, but there’s a Hot Tub and Sauna in PlayLand. There are jetted bubble bath tubs in all 5 Bungalows, a Hot Tub in the main brothel for sex parties and a NURU massage room too. This is the link to Sheri’s Ranch virtual tour. http://www.sherisranch.com/abouttheranch.aspx

    I know you’ll have a wonderful time at Sheri’s Ranch upon your impending brothel visit.


    Actually there is a sauna and amazing hot tub in Playland. The NURU massage room is inside the brothel itself. Also, shifts are only a determinant of when the ladies are required to take part in lineups or bar calls. We are not done working at a specific time so the shift change is not an issue for anyone during their negotiated party times.

    Email exchanges can go on for quite a while before guests actually make their way out. However, you will find that even email exchanges are different from girl to girl; some of us take quite a bit of time with online correspondence and others don’t spend much time using this form of communication. But I can tell you that it never hurts to open a dialogue with the ladies you may be interested in through email. It allows you to get to know a bit about their personality by “feeling” the words they offer.


    Thank you Ms. Montana you’ve been most helpful. I know e-mail isn’t the best way to build chemistry, but it is the best option I have at the moment. And as FF said because of how you are all scheduled it may take weeks to get a response anyways, so I might as well start now. And I am glad to hear there is flexibility to the scheduling, I just hope I come well equipped enough to party like I hope. Price planning for someone like me with 0 experience in this particular business is a bit daunting, but then again what I like about Sheri’s is everyone does their best to ease our concerns. Everyone just seems so relaxed and accommodating, certainly more so than other brothels I have researched. And that is great news on the sauna, nothing says sensual like a little steam!

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