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    I am going to be engaged sometime this year… I know, this is probably waaay too far in advance to be planning things like this considering he hasn’t quite proposed just yet, but that’s what I do. I like to work my way through an idea until I have a complete handle of the whole picture. Especially when it involves things that are new, exciting, and a little intimidating.

    Anyway, my future fiance and I have discussed (on multiple occasions) that we’d really love to try a threesome sometime. Realistically speaking, it really doesn’t seem that plausible in our local area for a broad spectrum of reasons. However, I stumbled over here to Sheri’s, and this seems like exactly the venue for such an exploration, I even perused the ladies’ profiles for a while and found several that I am initially drawn to.
    So, this opportunity is something I am seriously considering as kinda a combined bachelor/ette thing or perhaps even a honeymoon splurge.
    I haven’t discussed this with my man yet, but I want to have done a little research first and make sure its something I can be excited about before I start revving his engines.

    What I am curious about is if there is anyone on here who has had a couple’s experience that they could share what they thought of their experience (no details or anything). Is there a lady or feature (such as a suite) that really made it shine for you? I read some of the reviews, but I only found a few that mentioned couples experiences, and only one of those was particularly insightful.

    Additionally, I am a little nervous about the whole idea (despite my genuine excitement) particularly since this would be my first time with another woman (and on top of that, would be in front of/with my man). Do you have any advice, recommendations, or other suggestions in general (this could go to both customers or any of the ladies)?


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    That sounds like a rare oppportunity and (to me) an interesting honeymoon party(multiple consumations). So far ahead, take a look at the lady’s pages and see which one(s) appeal to you. After talking to your husband to be, start emailing them to get to know them and let them know what you expect for this party. Not too early to start planning as i start the next one a month or two after I have visited the Ranch.

    Jeremy Lemur

    Congratulations on your impending engagement!

    You may have already seen this, but Cassie wrote a wonderful post on our blog about first time threesome tips for couples

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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