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    I am considering a trip to the Las Vegas area in the near future, and I would probably visit this establishment to lose my v-card, as it were. I don’t exactly know when I will visit, as I still have a lot of information to gather before I officially book a trip.

    The thing is, I am 25 years old, and have been in a wheelchair my whole life. My muscles never developed properly, and although I have feeling everywhere, my mobility is severely limited and I have to be very careful about how I transfer in and out of my chair, and my positioning to minimize pain. I am also not the lightest person, so transfers can be difficult.

    My question is… how can I go about this discreetly? It would be insufferably awkward to have a family member assist me in this, so that’s out the window, as has been privately discussed. Would I have to bring an assistant with me, and if so, who can I go through to get an assistant during my visit to the Las Vegas area who will be professional about this sensitive matter?

    While we’re on the subject, are there any services to provide transportation for those with disabilities to and from the Las Vegas general area?

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    Willie A

    A lot of the ladies cater to handicap best to email them or call the office at 866-820-9100 opt.0 and talk to them personally Madam Dena helpful.


    Is there any way to contact the Madam or someone in charge via email? My phone needs to be on speaker constantly and I would like to keep this as discreet as possible.


    You can try email. I do not recall if it is dduff@sherisranch.com.


    You should discuss your visit with Ranchmama Dena because she is more knowledgeable concerning your situation.
    You may email Ranchmama Dena at dduff@sherisranch.com or
    direct message on twitter at Dena ‏@RanchMamaDena or
    telephone (866) 820-9100.



    Willie A, Flint and of course Firefighter have given you very good advise. First step is to go to the scheduled ladies link and start emailing some of the girls. Make sure that you explain the situation and let them respond to you. We have so many wonderful girls that work very well with various disabilities.

    I absolutely would suggest that you bring a care giver with you. Look around on the internet and see what agencies are available to you in Las Vegas. I don’t have any one that I could recommend to you. Sorry for that.

    We have a SUV and Town cars that can pick you up and take you back to Vegas when you are ready. I know this probably doesn’t answer all of your questions. So I will suggest that you email me directly for privacy reasons.


    I hope you got the information you need. Us ladies at the ranch are really great about helping once you do arrive to the ranch. Good luck 🙂

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