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    I first met Char April 7th, 2012 at about 8:21pm. (Not that I’m keeping track or anything 😉 ) Since that moment when she slid into the booth next to me, and I struggled to remember my own name, Char has had a huge impact on my life. So huge, in fact that I now divide my life into segments marked by that instant…Before Char (BC) and After Char (AC). I hope that she won’t mind me saying that over time, we’ve developed quite a connection. We’ve become fast friends, and passionate lovers…and she holds a special place in my heart.

    Our latest encounter was July 11th. I spent that evening at Char’s side; chatting at the bar, BS’ing the regulars, and having some laughs with the wonderful and magnificent Marci…Oh yeah, and in the middle there somewhere Char and I stole away for some of the most intense/dirty/intimate/erotic/sweet/amazing sex that I could’ve imagined. I won’t waste space here attempting to brag about positions, or duration or other such details. I’ll leave that to others. (You’ll find my summaries of our previous adventures littered throughout her reviews.) Instead I’ll dedicate this review to Char, the person.

    Char is stunning. Sure, everyone has their own idea of beauty. All I can say is that she absolutely does it for me. I find her irresistible (and I know I’m not alone!). If you wanted to be with her solely based on her looks, I certainly couldn’t fault you…but let me tell ya, there is sooo much more to Char than physical beauty!

    Char is brilliant, witty, classy, funny, insightful, caring, tough, inquisitive, fearless, and….I could go on, but the point is that she is a spectacular woman. A woman that I could easily enjoy having deep conversations with, or quietly sip on morning coffee while sharing the newspaper, or sun by the pool with a fruity drink, or go on a nice hike with; all with equal delight. I value the connection I’ve had with Char outside of the bedroom every bit as much as anything we do inside of it.

    As a lover, Char has no peer, as far as I’m concerned. She takes the time to look for and establish a connection, intuitively understands your desires, and completely throws herself into the experience. She brings together enthusiasm, real compassion, understanding and a devastatingly naughty imagination to create the most exquisite sexual encounters this limited mind could ever dream of. Char short circuits my synapses, and sets my senses ablaze. She fucks with her body, mind and spirit. It’s truly something to behold, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

    Will your experience with Char be as incredible as mine have been? I can’t say for sure. That depends largely on YOU, I suppose…but if you allow Char to connect with you, push you and challenge you; be the lover that she needs, then you just might.

    I’m not sure if I have been, or ever will be, the kind of man that Char needs…but goddamn it, she sure does make me want to work my ass off trying to be!

    Sheri’s is jam-packed with amazing, beautiful and amazingly beautiful women, but you’ll find none better than Char.



    A hell of great review YB! Ditto from me!



    Thanks CB! It seems we have a similar affinity for the lovely Ms. Char.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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