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    Just wondering how it is and if you enjoyed it.

    I actually wanted to go this week, but I’m still recovering from a fractured ankle :-(.


    I’ve read two of the books and have been anticipating the release of the film. However, I’m probably going to wait until it comes out on Blu Ray to watch it because almost everybody I know who has seen it so far has told me it was horrible. I’ve heard the scenes passed too quickly and the acting was amateur. Supposedly Christian Grey also came off as more of a psycho than a kinky control-freak which I feel would damage the portrayal of the BDSM lifestyle that is touched on throughout the story.

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    Yeah, I saw that many of the reviews on the movie were pretty bad, too.

    Kellie Love

    I’ve just finished book 1, but have not seen the movie. I thought the book was interesting…but nothing that different from the typical erotica that sells. I was not surprised about anything that happened in the book, even though I am new to the Domination/Submission scene. Maybe I’ve always had a naughty side!


    I don’t see how they could portray the books effectively. I have read all 3 and taking on the task of trying to translate them into film would be pretty daunting in my opinion. I don’t think the BDSM scene will be affected to much. If there is a curiosity about it then people will still ask the questions which will lead them to hopefully a legal establishment to do an intro session with a professional and not some Mr. Grey want a be.


    Worst film ever! 0 out 10!


    that bad?

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