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    As many know I will be at SR soon. My boss who I will be traveling with is staying in town and gambling. but he has given me what I call bad advise.
    He claims that I will spend way to much at SR and could get just as much pleasure visiting some of the massage parlors in town (prostitution is illegal but he claims it happens at almost every parlor). When I pointed out the medical and the safety taken by the ladies at SR he told me that all the parlors he visits use condoms and use care with customers… and all for about 200 an hour

    I think its bad advise.

    Amber Lynn

    Craziess! Terrible advice! It’s a matter of a quality over quantity!

    Sheri’s Ranch and all the ladies here are FABULOUS…need I say more!


    I could not convince my boss!

    Kimmy D

    Like Amber said, all of the ladies here are FABULOUS!

    Why would you want a can of dogfood when you could have a 5 star meal? Just because the can of dog food is 99 cents doesn’t make it a better option!


    KimmyD THAT is a brilliant analogy. Sheri’s is THE five star restaurant of brothels! That other stuff is shit AND DANGEROUS.

    Charina Lee

    And I’m sure your boss believes that they change the sheets for every new customer too! lol.

    And undercover agents NEVER come in and make arrests! lol!

    It’s all fun and games till somebody loses an eye!!!!!!!


    Sheris Ranch ROCKS!!!!!


    Charina Lee


    That is horrible advice! Not worth the risks lol We take such good care of everyone here, why would you go anyyyyyywhere else?!? 😉


    Your boss is nuckin’ futs. Massage parlors are nasty, there’s no class or connection or passion there. He’s gambling?! He’s the one throwing his money away! Be safe, be smart, you won’t regret it.

    It’s none of your boss’ business what you do anyway.


    Many massage parlors dont offer sex of any kind, your boss must be a regular at one or two. Also many of the girls (term used very loosely) pretend they dont speak english and they are not very clean. NV Brothels are safe, I have nevre gotten sick and to my knowledge no one has ever gotten more than a cold from being at a NV Brothel!




    Brothels are not only safe and clean, but they are in my opinion the only place some one should go to for sex with a working lady.


    Las Vegas NV Sexually Transmitted Disease Statistics

    There were NO STD Cases Reportedly Transmitted in Legal Brothels

    2008 STD Data
    Syphilis Cases (Clark County) 72
    Syphilis Rate (Clark County) 3.9
    Chlamydia Cases (Clark County) 7,753
    Chlamydia Rate (Clark County) 422.2
    Gonorrhea Cases (Clark County) 1,918
    Gonorrhea Rate (Clark County) 104.4
    HIV Cases (Nevada) 433
    HIV Rate (Nevada) 18.9
    Syphilis Cases (Nevada) 325
    Syphilis Rate (Nevada) 12.7
    Gonorrhea Cases (Nevada) 2,172
    Gonorrhea Rate (Nevada) 84.7
    Chlamydia Cases (Nevada) 9,670
    Chlamydia Rate (Nevada) 376.9
    Note: Rates are per 100,000 people.

    STD Information
    Sexually transmitted diseases like Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, herpes, and HIV can be passed not only through sexual activity, but also during pregnancy, through IV needle sharing, skin-to-skin contact, or breastfeeding.

    Any kind of sexual activity can potentially transmit STDs from one person to another. Although diseases such as HIV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and Chlamydia are spread through body fluids, Herpes and other STDs are spread through skin-to-skin contact. Condoms are a useful resource for preventing the spread of STDS, but they do not completely eliminate the possibility of transmission.

    Las Vegas STD facts reinforce the reality that many sexually transmitted diseases exhibit no signs or symptoms. If you are a Las Vegas area resident who is worried that you may have contracted an STD, the only way to determine whether or not transmission has actually occurred is through a simple STD test.




    Without being facious I am relieved to see those statistics.

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