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    mr. s

    Anyone on here a sci-fi fan?

    This November will be the 40th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It was released in theaters on November 16th, 1977 and to celebrate the film’s anniversary, Columbia Pictures has announced the return of the film to theaters on Sept. 1st.

    From what I read, the movie will be shown in 4K re-mastered, but, it will be the the director’s cut not the theatrical cut, but, I don’t know for sure which cut it will be. Even if it is the director’s cut, it will still look good in 4K.

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind will return to theaters on Sept. 1st and for ONE WEEK ONLY. So, if anyone on here is a fan of this film or a fan of Steven Spielberg or just a sci-fi fan in general and would like to revisit this movie or see it for the first time if you didn’t see this sci-fi classic in 1977, you may want to check your local theaters to see if it will be shown there.

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind will also be coming to BR and 4K Ultra HD on Sept 19th.


    should see Wrath of Khan first….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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