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    People buy a message about their identities when they buy a heavily branded product. They want to be associated with specific qualities that communicate something about their personalities. Changes to the logos, slogans, and marketing campaigns of successfully-branded products should not be made because __________.

    A. purchasers who identify strongly with specific brands represent a shrinking portion of the population of all purchasers

    B. continued sales depend directly on the maintenance of brand identity

    C. purchasers of heavily branded products are concerned with quality and price as well as with the brand identity of the products

    D. expansion of the market niche to include a broader spectrum of consumers will increase profits

    E. manufacturing a heavily branded product is not necessarily more costly than manufacturing a generic version of the same product

    Need help in reasoning this.

    Thank You!!!

    I didn’t find the right solution from the Internet.

    Complete the passage.

    Marketing Explainer Video

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