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    Mr. Incredible

    Kitty and I had an unplanned meeting that resulted in a very pleasurable experience. This was my first “Party” experience, I was the newbie that was at Sheri’s Ranch that all was effortlessly easy. We met in the bar just a little bit after I finished my sand which. We got towards talking where our responses were pretty much the same for a lot of our questions forming a person’s personality. When my response towards what I was looking for on the ” Brothel menu,” which also matched with Kitty, we needed to take care of some other activities. I chose the much needed GFE that I shared with Kitty in a Bubble Bath to start it off and back to her room. Don’t be surprised if there are reasons you need to party with Kitty again. I think that “clicking/connecting” on any girl is important, and since we had such a strong responses that lead to an amazing experience. Our conversations got us so close that we had told each other things that we didn’t think we’d say to one another. The comfort was obviously there for me and I know it was there for Kitty too which helped out in the feelings and actions. We both believed that “certain things happen for certain reasons,” which pretty much sums up this whole Party.

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