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    This year, I hit the big 40. Oddly enough, I don’t feel that different but everyone’s got their own theory as to the significance of aging milestones. Personally, I find it primarily a great rationale to goof off and have fun. With all the other big events I’d planned for myself to celebrate my birthday, I decided to throw in a last minute trip to Sheri’s. The energy in the bar is great and the staff are all great friends of mine.

    I walked in to a deserted bar at 7am and took the time to adjust to the dim light. I was about 8 hours too early to check in but I’m here for only 24 hours and I’m planning to make the most of it. Several of the ladies who were already up recognized me from Dex’s trip in May and I was happily assaulted by a barrage of hugs as I greeted the office staff and then went into town for some breakfast.

    As things livened up in the bar during the lunch rush, I had a great time hanging out in the bar with Dena and the ladies as they cycled by to chat, consult with Dena and interact with the guests in the bar. Dena is great, but you all already know that.

    But what made this day irreplaceable was one specific person. Her name is Destini and she left me awe-struck that day. I wasn’t broadcasting nor was I hiding the fact it was my 40th birthday that weekend. I told her matter-of-factly that I was squeezing in this short visit as a treat to myself. She stayed with me all day, minus the usual course of business and hospitality, she kept me entertained and distracted which is such a luxurious way to pass the time when you need to decompress from work or stress or just mundane life in general. She somehow even kept me from seeing the ice cream cake and candles they ordered for me and the ladies sang a rousing birthday song for me. The cake was delicious and the company was very fun.

    I had a great time catching up with Shiloh, Alana, Cassie, Tatiyana, and many others. I met Kitty Cat and Izabella for the first time which was great. But through it all, I just couldn’t take my eyes off Destini. Her warmth, beauty, intelligence and humor had me completely captivated. That subtle allure where your senses are livened and slightly aroused to her charm. I have been back home less than 48 hours and I already can’t wait to see Destini again. In life there are no guarantees, and I hope the fates don’t keep me away from this delightful woman too long.


    We are all so very glad that you spent your big 40 with us. It is always an enjoyable time hanging out with you and a bag of double stuff… 🙂


    Thank you for sharing your Birthday with US!!

    We appreciate any occasion to enjoy cake:)))


    Cake is always good. And the pizza party too!


    Thanks so much for your kind words, you know your like family around here. It was fun sneaking around you for a last minute expidited cake order. Thank you for choosing to spend you birthday here with us and keeping me company. You have a sweet soul I’m glad I know you!


    You were very clever and many of the distractions were delightful. Izabella was hilarious in her scripted demands. Bottom line is, it was an unforgettable day and you were the main reason my day was so awesome. I can’t wait to see you again.


    Alana and I love you long time B!!!! Happy Birthday again and thank you for making a special trip just to get us beef jerky 😉
    xox See you soon!!


    Yes, we’ll have to do the beef jerky adventure again next time. And who knows what else may come up? lol

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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