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    I am loving the new changes at Sheri’s ranch! The new blog is a great idea and I hope everyone (including myself) gets active with it! The new forum is awesome too and everyone should give it a try and if you always wanted to here is your chance, looks like there will be less problems with that procedure. Let’s not be shy and take advantage of our new toys to play with! Speaking of toys, I am on the prowl for a new one, any ideas? … anyways can’t wait to meet new friends on our new forum!


    @allissa Thank you for the complements and I am glad that you like the direction we are going.

    This forum is now integrated with a very reliable system and is very versatile.

    To give a better example – an account created with the forum can now be used to post comments to blog section and in the near future the same account can be used to write reviews. One account to communicate everywhere.


    Alissa, I’ve heard “Hungry, Hungry Hippos”is always a good choice. Oh,wait, you don’t mean that kind of toy.Sorry…..



    At one time I believe you had told me you were shy and boring….

    Lol, SO not the case!

    And Allissa,

    When you get a new toy maybe you should nickname it Hungry!!



    It’s really easy to be witty and debonair i(or something).n a forum. When I’m face-to-face all that wit and debonairness(is that even really a word?)turns ino mumbling and red-in-the-face. But thanks for your kind words.

    And Alissa–Maybe “Operation” or, wait, wait, I know–“Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots” Oh, wait, still wrong kind of toy…I am so confused. Maybe I’ll figure this whole forum thing out soon….


    Allissa, what a great post to get everyone started on this new adventure. I do believe you have summed it up quite nicely. I hope that everyone enjoys the new direction that we are taking. I’m learning so much more about you ladies since the start of this. Who would have thought that so many of you had such quality writing skills with the range of topics that are being put together to be posted on the blog……

    My hats off to all of you…..


    @ranchmama Speak for yourself. I always knew.


    It may be better in the long run, but not now for me. It might be the case for those with the most up to date browsers.


    Now I have to use math to LON ON???


    @Jazz I was not specific so I’ll take your answer , great suggestions! I think it’d be fun to have hot wheel races down the hall, just sayin.

    @Montana I totally agree!

    @Aaron and mama thank you for your voice and interaction too! It’s great to know you are really “there” and care!

    @flint I’m sure you can email the IT department with any of your questions. I thought registering was a lot easier than before everything else is pretty smooth unless I feel stupid for getting math question wrong..

    @buckshot I guess they just are making sure we passed the first grade πŸ™‚ as I just mentioned sometimes I question if I barely made it.


    I’m a newcomer here… so i hope Miss Allissa is still in the habit of checking replies.
    As far as a new toy is concerned; it would help if we knew what you already had.
    I’ve found ladies enjoy those inflatable ones with the little hand-pump (models for both access points available). I’ve also got a wicked nipple fetish; so any woman willing to try some clips (not clamps) or those tiny suction cups always gets bonus points.

    have you considered setting up an amazon wish list so adoring gentlemen* may send you tokens of their esteem?

    *or jusy any guy who loves getting beautiful women naughty gifts

    Charina Lee

    Did someone say NIPPLE FETISH?

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    Welcome Stonewall! I love to try new ones all the time and am constantly out of batteries or lose or break them…so they go fast! I am in need of a new Lelo of some sort πŸ™‚ I do have a Amazon wishlist if you want to send me an email I would love to talk more. And yes Charina has great nipples as well for nipple fetish! Ours together would be even better…we have had a great part before together just sayin!


    Just don’t get anything that has those three dreaded words on the box: “Some Assembly Required”. I guess nipples are OK. They pretty much come pre-assembled and don’t require any batteries(but they sure as hell can give you a charge).


    Why yes Miss Charina… someone did say those wonderful words. ME !!

    I’m finally beginning to explore some of the little ‘curiosities’ I stored in the corner of my mind for far too long. But I guess it’s better that I discover them now instead of earlier – I don’t do anything too soon.


    Did someone say NIPPLE FETISH?

    *cough cough* Wasn’t me… *cough cough*


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    I seem to be very late to party, I mostly just lurk though. πŸ˜‰

    I was inspired to re-register and return after reading a troll thread and I thought I’d post when I read a very smart lady saying what we should all adhere to and that is: “Don’t feed the trolls.”

    As far as a toys go you can never go wrong with LEGOS!

    Oh wait, I don’t think you meant those kind of toys either. πŸ˜‰

    I actually just purchased an adult toy and I won’t say what it is I’m a little shy. πŸ˜› Hopefully it’ll help pass the time while financial priority after priority gets in the way of saving to visit Sheri’s and losing my V-card. πŸ™‚


    Alissa, your twitter is fun and I appreciate how welcoming you are!

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