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    Had planned a visit to the ranch to see a couple of the ladies and to bring a few gifts for my birthday girls. You know you’re in trouble when you have a suitcase just for the presents. It started as a regular trip to the desert. Then I found out the lovely Cassie was going to retire.
    Now I’ve been promising her a party for awhile now. I missed out on a couple of goodbye parties with other special ladies, and I wasn’t going to let that happen with Cassie. I had planned on sneaking in and sitting on the couch and having her paged to the parlor. Just to see the look on her face. Except she somehow found out I was headed out and called me on it.
    Went into Vegas to run a couple of errands before heading to the ranch. You know how much this lady loves pho, so when I get the request to pick some up on the way in how can I refuse. Now this is the honest truth, I get to the ranch, check into the office for my room, I let her know I’m checking in and bada boom, she is there, I’m not sure i even pushed the send button. My Baby Doll never looked so good standing there in that green dress. Now I would like to think that she was there to greet me. But you know it was the pho. We agreed to eat the pho under one of the cabanas by the pool.
    After dinner its off to her room and then to the Arabian bungalow. This lady is a treat to be with fun, energytic, sexy as can be. All package in that knockout body.
    My only regret was waiting so long to party with this amazing woman.
    That night at the bar it was catching up with the ladies I knew, meeting some of the ones I hadn’t met on prior trips and handing out some early birthday gifts. Made final arrangements for my parties with Destini and Cici.
    My party with Deatini was to start off with a picnic outside. Then a dinner date, where she made me home-made pho, she had been cooking since yesterday. Well it was blazing hot out there so we decided on a combined outing in the playland. Now I had gotten her outfits for both parts of our party. So she greets me in the white sundress. My heart is going into overdrive. WOW. This woman is stunning. She needs to take all of her dishes to the playland, so I wait for her in the bar. So I’m sitting in there with a few of the ladies and waiting, and waiting. When she finally comes out, she has a robe on. Huh, okay maybe she spilled on the outfit. Cici off-handedly asks what took so long. Then they disappear into the back, and I hear “Holy Shit” Okay something is going on. We are off to the playland, she sits me down and then takes off her robe. “HOLY SHIT” she had put on the sexy top chef outfit. Guys, its no problem waiting on a woman that looks like she does. I can’t remember if I said anything intelligent, my eyes were in full control.
    After dinner, we head on over to the Nuru room. I can never get enough of this woman playing naked sexy slip-n-slide on me.
    Then its off to the bar for another night
    Today its all about Cici. My first trip into Vegas was to get her some chocolates. When I give them to her, she of course shares with the other ladies. This is when I find out you can’t go wrong with Godiva. I may have spoiled her on her birthday. So this trip I held it down to a gift and a party outfit. We meet up at the appointed hour. This woman is a vision to behold. Not just because she is wearing a requested outfit I got her. Long blonde hair, big green eyes and her mega-watt smile that brightens up the room. The only negotiating was how fast can I get her into the 60’s bungalow. After a bubble bath and champagne, she gets into a tiny school-girl outfit. Oh how I wish I grew up next door to her.
    After our party we end up alone in the parlor. And I get an impromptu recital on the piano. She is good. I know a few muscians and she is good. We get a surprise by Brianna Costello when she starts singing for us. What a fun loving and beautiful person.
    Another night at the bar. After the bar empties out, a few of the ladies decide they want to dance. I’m no dancer however I’ve got bar money sitting in front of me. I’ll make it rain if they work the pole. And its on. Along the way we fire Olivia up and she starts getting birthday lap dances from all the ladies. To finish it up Olivia and Kamala do a sensual latin dance. Maybe it started as a regular dance. Those two stepped it up.
    After 3 nights of steady drinking my ladies decide I need a cleanse for a couple of days. I get a green smoothie in the afternoon. Drinking water, some kind of seeped tea, anti-tox water and no more shots. One benefit of a slower pace, I can stay up later, so I can close down the bar on a few nights with a special lady
    On my last day I head into Vegas to get a couple surprise gifts. One is a major bust, however Cassie is a happy camper, got her some Godiva chocolates. You only have to tell me 5 or 6 times before I get the hint.


    BD, I did not know Cassie was retiring.
    Thanks for the party details. maybe party with Destini someday…

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