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    LPIN 2020 Awards Voter Registration opened 7/1/20 & closes 12/31/20

    Please register to vote in the LPIN 2020 Awards contest to support your favorite Courtesans and Brothels!

    10 LPIN 2019 Awards registered voters were purged for not casting ballots for 2 years, so they must reregister to vote in LPIN 2020 Awards. Registered Voters must register on the LPIN Awards Board, and they’ll maintain board membership while they’re registered to vote regardless of whether they regularly login. LPIN Awards board members who are not registered voters will be purged if they fail to login for one year, since it clears the board of inactive members; furthermore, board members who have been purged for inactivity that desire to register to vote must reregister on the board. Brothel Personnel board members will maintain board membership during the time they’re active in LPIN.

    LPIN 2020 Awards Voter Registration Announcement Link

    Official Registered Voters List for LPIN 2020 Awards Link

    Official Rules for LPIN 2020 Awards Link

    Thank you!
    LPIN Awards Committee,
    1Bytetoomany, DJ Jorge, firefighter, FumbleNutts, Lee, Little Richard & MrTShirt

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