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    I made my second visit to the ranch on 10/2 and 10/3. My only reason for coming to Vegas was the ranch and to spend time with the lovely Montana. The fact that I flew halfway across the country (from Ohio) just for her should tell you something about the effect this woman has. After traveling for most of the day on Friday and finally getting checked into the hotel (which on a side note is very nice and well worth it), I met Montana in the bar at our reservation time. After my first terrific experience with her back in April, my expectations were naturally high. To say that this visit exceeded them would be a terrible understatement. Since this was not my first time at the ranch, I had only a very small amount of nervousness. But just like in April, that quickly disappeared when we started talking. Our first party was pretty much a “standard” one in her room, but it was an absolutely incredible experience. There really aren’t words to describe how fantastic she makes me feel. The comfort level that she instills cannot be described. After our party, we went back to the bar and sat and talked for several more hours. That too was an incredible experience. When I first visited in April, I used the limo service. This time, it was nice to not feel rushed and to not have any time constraints. That is something that made my experience even better.

    I had made a reservation with her for Saturday night for a GFE to experience something a little more in-depth. Montana certainly made this an experience I will never forget! We met in the bar several hours before our time for lunch and to visit some more. She was under no obligation to meet me before our time, but it was her suggestion and I certainly would have never turned it down! This just shows what kind of personality she has. She goes out of her way for people. I’ll be perfectly honest, the first thing that drew me to her was her looks (obviously she is very beautiful). But as I’ve talked to her more, I’ve found that her personality is by far the best part of her. I’ve told her very intimate secrets about myself that NO ONE else knows, not even my exs. It’s like I already said, she made me feel comfortable enough to share them. She is truly like no one I’ve ever met. After we talked in the bar for what seemed like 10 minutes but turned out to be over 3 hours, we headed out to one of the bungalows for our party. This was a new experience but so worth it. The room is fabulous, the food is great, and of course Montana’s company was the best. Even though it costs a little more, if you can afford it, I highly recommend them. Our party exceeded my wildest dreams. I’m usually a very reserved person and not the most adventurous. But as I have more parties with Montana, she is definitely bringing me out of my shell (and she has figured out how to). She has learned of things that I like and don’t like (and me about her too) and uses that knowledge to make each experience better than the last one. It really says a lot about her that she truly cares about making my experiences memorable. I have absolutely no doubt that each visit will just keep getting better.

    When reviewing my recent experience, there aren’t enough stars to rate it. I’ve already starting looking into flights to come back next April. The only negative thing I can say about the experience is that it had to end and I was forced to go home. If I could quit my job and move to Las Vegas to have more experiences with Montana, I would in a heartbeat. There are not enough things I can say about the lovely blue eyed Montana. Thank you for the way you made me feel, for your understanding and for giving me the best experiences of my life. I’m looking forward to many future adventures!!!


    magic thanks much for the review. I have a good relationship with her, perhaps diffrent than others.

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