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    I was so set to go to Sheris… already booked a room there and then… about a week ago, I woke up at around 9am to a very loud crash.

    I looked out my second story window to see another car rammed into the back of my parked car (parked right outside my house)! The guy fled the scene. His car was totaled. The back bumper and panels of my car was messed up pretty bad, too.

    The police came and filled out a report. Even the officer said it was not my fault.

    They found the owner of the car and the owner’s address from the license plate, but cannot determine if the owner was also the driver. Speaking of the owner, guess what?

    They found out the owner is uninsured! Again, it’s unknown as to whether the owner is also the driver.

    To make it worse, I have to pay…

    ABOUT A THOUSAND DOLLARS (deductible plus the expenses of a rental).

    That would me most of my vacation budget to Nevada. Technically, I could still go, but then I would have to either cancel or severely cut back on doing… (ahem)… certain things 😉 😉 and then it wouldn’t be much of a vacation.

    Plus, it would not be fair to the girls at Sheri’s if I’m forced to cut back on something that was not their fault.

    Speaking of “fault”, I tried calling my insurance to argue why I have to pay the deductible (and possibly higher payments on my insurance) when I was completely not at fault (I was sleeping when all this happened).

    The insurance rep said that there is nothing she could do 🙁 🙁 🙁 .

    The thing is, one of my friends told me that if the owner is uninsured, it should fall under uninsured motorist coverage and I should not have to pay the deductible.

    I’m going to look into that, but for now, my trip is cancelled.

    I’m still planning on going back to Sheri’s, but maybe not until May or next November.


    That is just awful! Hopefully you will not have to pay much, and can afford a nicer party next year to compensate.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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