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    Natalia Diaz: Arabian Knights Party

    This is another of those three years in the making parties. I saw Natalia Diaz for the first time in January 2017 toward the end of my trip. I was really smitten with her but a bit shy to approach her; how I never completely get over this I have no idea. So Destini provided a little assist to get Natalia and I together to talk at the bar. I was definitely interested, but basically ran out of time before needing to go back to the airport.

    Then in January 2018, I was planning to party with Natalia and Anastasia to knock off one of my bucket list items but was traveling with friends and we were going out different places in Vegas and took a trip up north to the Reno houses where I didn’t party so I could come back to see Natalia. On the way back from Reno, Dex learned that a lady I had previously partied with was next door at another house so we took a detour and I partied there. On my next to last day of that trip, I went back to Sheri’s with friends still planning to see Natalia and Anastasia but when we got there and sat in a booth to eat dinner, Mark asked Morrigan over to sit with us which filled the booth. I was on the inside a bit trapped to get out. I did notice Natalia at a table between the booth and the end of the bar where it turns on the right side. Natalia was there for awhile but disappeared. By the time dinner ended it was late so I did ask about Anastasia since I never met her before, bought her a drink and apologized that I was again out of time. Little did I know when the information got back to Natalia, she didn’t know what exactly to think. Something I managed to clear up during the party with Natalia this trip.

    In the planning stages of this trip, I again had arrangements for my last bucket list goal but Natalia wouldn’t work for that now, a year later. However, I did need someone for my milestone party, a party with a lady on my 50th birthday, the actual day I turned 50. I needed someone I felt would be special for that party. As the days got closer, I noticed Natalia would be there on the day I turned 50. I also did not want to miss her a third time. So, I placed an appointment (which is something I typically don’t do) two months in advance for my birthday at a time I had worked out with the guys I was traveling with so everyone knew where and why I needed to be for this to happen. I communicated the appointment to Natalia and she seemed rather excited about it.

    I arrived at Sheri’s on my birthday, and spoke with shift manager Valerie letting her know I had an appointment with Natalia and wanted to relax with my friend Deadpool in a booth in the meantime. As the time got closer, Valerie told me Natalia was running a little late due to room issues but would be available shortly. A little later Natalia came out and we chatted about a minute and went to her room almost at the end of the hall of 25 rooms.

    In her room Natalia notified the office that she had a gentleman in her room and we began the negotiations. I told her what details I was interested in doing and indicated I would like to use the Arabian Knights bungalow for this party. There was a pause where I indicated a price I would like to work with. She replied with an amount of time. I accepted. She accepted. Off to the office we went. Getting there I pulled open the inkpad for the fingerprint part and pulled a tissue to wipe it off at the end kidding that I never did this before while obviously demonstrating this was in no way new at all. We made our drink order and headed back to Natalia’s room to gather what was needed for the party.

    Drinks were already waiting for us at the Arabian Knights bungalow when we arrived at the door. We took them inside and had one each. Natalia asked me to shower while she readied the room and bed. She asked if I would like a bubble bath together before the party or at least I think the work bubble was in there. I declined so she motioned me through the veils of the bed and followed me in. Natalia was exquisitely stunning and skilled to the nine, warm and affectionate, and attentive and receptive. As what I requested came to an end, Natalia curled up next to me and we chatted for a bit. We know a little more about each other now and I had a chance to let her know what happened that we missed each other last trip. “I certainly wasn’t going to miss you a third time,” I told her.

    I do believe on a future trip; I may have to accept that bubble bath offer.


    another interesting role playing party, stripe. Maybe I need to change some bucket lst parties…

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