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    I’m curious regarding the split and taxes at Nevada brothels. I know the house takes half of what they make, but how much is taken in the form of taxes?

    Let’s say a courtesan gets $3,000 in a negotiation. $1,500 goes to the house and $1,500 goes to her. How much in taxes does the state of Nevada take away from that?



    as an independent contractor in a legal profession, doesn’t she have to pay state and federal taxes as most of us workers do?



    Okay I thought it was different. It must be the same for other professions in Nevada such as general contractors in construction or massage parlors etc… interesting.



    Think of us a contractors in the sex world. It depends on which state you live in if you pay state taxes but we all pay federal.


    Angel Parr

    I live in Nevada so I have no state taxes but we all pay federal taxes and how much varies on income, but most of us are around a 30% bracket.
    We split 50\50 with the house, pay for rent, our doctors, our sheriffs cards, our business license, all of our own party supplies, and then our taxes. We end up seeing around 30-40% of what you spend, so spoil us!!!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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