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    Hi guys,
    Ok so I will be making a trip to the ranch next week (really excited). Anyways is the Nuru Massage a good option for a virgin or should I start off with simple classic sex?



    I cannot say for sure, but I would think it would be a very good option. Having one (or more) beautiful courtesans slide her slippery nude body all over you is a great way to get you both relaxed and STIMULATED. Then you can move into sex. I think that would be a good plan if you are nervous about sex. Either way, you can always take some time to cuddle and talk first.



    why not if you wanted a happy ending. Other ending options certainly would be available



    Nuru Massage is a brilliant option & if you schedule with me I will prove it! While it doubles as one of our most deeply sensual services, playing on a slip-n-slide bed can’t help but stimulate some laughter! And the data on laughter speaks loudly: ladies seek out and tend to be more attracted to men who make them laugh. And when the lady is more attracted, you’re more likely to have a great time! Check this out:


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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