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    the 3rd degree

    I was supposed to do this last year, but DMV problems curtailed any plans I had, including another run to “The Lion’s Den”. So another year came and went with no other issues in my way. Finally, I was able to head back to Nevada for some fun & celebration, in what was an historic week of high temps and burning sun. At least it wasn’t 18 hours of daylight.

    So for Day 1, it was a Monday & I only knew a couple of ladies would be there. Whether they will be “there” is another story. But I took a chance & made the drive to Homestead Rd. I entered the bar, unsure as always & took my current position, sitting to the side of the jukebox. Letting the hostess know that I’m open to anyone, some came coming. Alexis Luv, Avery Lee, Aaliyah Ames & Harley Rae all took their turn, only to let them know they’re available. Then Cameron came by, remembering my previous appearance. It was a recon exercise for both of us, more for Cameron since I did write to her (Note: Always write to the ladies you meet, even if you didn’t party with them. There maybe a next time…) We took the full time to reintroduce ourselves before she went back to her position. There were two more possibilities on this first night of fun. An enchanting redhead, Kaylah, came by. I really couldn’t take my eyes off of her & being a redhead (I do lean towards redheads) got me awestruck. Definitely one for the rolodex. Then there was Tessa Rae. She was intrigued by me & hoped I give her an opportunity to go to the back with her. A very enticing possibility & also one for the rolodex.

    Choices galore, but one slightly stood above the others. I asked the hostess if I could talk to Cameron. She was excited that it was I that called for her. We went to her room to discuss a possible encounter. It took some thinking on my part, but her offer seemed logical for what I was looking for. So I agreed, we shook, she checked, I paid & off we went.

    I’ll say this about Cameron; if you ever leave a great impression of yourself for her, she will give you her very best. And maybe even more than you thought. By the end, we were breathless & in ecstasy. She did confess to me that after my thank you email, she was thinking about me, when I would come back & what she wanted to do with me. I can safely say it was one of the most sensually intense encounters I ever had. I think that if Cameron & I meet again, she’ll try to one up what we did. Pray for me if that happens.

    Cameron & I said our goodbyes before she headed back & I to the bar to regain my faculties. I did get to chat briefly with Jacqueline, saying she thought it was me she saw earlier in the day. But I was in no shape to go another round with anyone. So off I went into the hot night, re-hydrated & ready for the drive back to Vegas. The trip was off to a great start & with another trip in the works, I know who I wanted to see next; it was just if she was available once she got the OK.


    Iook forward to your reviews. Really would not want to take the trip to the Ranch last week. I emailed Cameron, but her scheduled changed so I will not be partying with her this year. Have thought about Tessa for years.

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