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    the 3rd degree

    Let the work do your talking, let others say your name.

    It’s a philosophy I’ve been following for a long while & it has worked for me. But the phrase takes on a whole different, yet familiar level when it comes to one particular courtesan at Sheri’s. Sure, there are others that can fit the bill, but based on my experiences, the phrase fits for one…

    Camille Davis

    Ever since her debut back in the summer of ’21, I had a feeling that she will be a star. Even when she “retired” in the spring of ’22, she always was on my mind. When she came back a few months later, it’s like my prediction would come true…and it has. Going from 20 reviews when she left to about 120 now, Camille embodies my phrase.

    The hope was to get to see Camille on that Wednesday, as the new group of ladies were starting their time at the ranch. We’ve been talking a little on her social media about that, even flirting a little. She was willing to meet me that afternoon, being that I’ll be her first encounter of her shift. So braving the heat (still at record temps), I hop in the rental & made the drive to Pahrump. The first thing on my mind after entering the bar was I need a drink. So I ordered mine & waited a few minutes before inquiring about Camille. I waited patiently, reviewing in my mind all we wrote to each other (tempting me with water & AC in her room), when I hear the voice of an angel shake me back to reality.


    There she was, in a tight, but flowing dress, Camille greeted me with a huge smile. She sat next to me & chatted for a little bit. I think it’s fun just talking to her in the bar, just to settle my nerves a little. We caught each other up on what we’re doing so far, until we felt the need to talk further…in her room. She did promise water & AC. We sat & continued our discussion. Then came “The Talk”. I thought that we had a good thing since that first meeting, so why change anything? She agreed. Financials were talked about, but not too excessive. So we agreed on her first party of the shift & shook. Before we did the rest, I did have a surprise for her. Knowing of her black licorice need, I pulled out of my little backpack her surprise; 4 two-feet ropes of black licorice. They came from a vendor I know at home, but I think they’re national. Her eyes opened wide at the bag, exclaiming, “I think I can do real damage with this”. She gave me another big hug before we went to do the other things (DC, payment).

    After a shower (Camille requires it), we sat on her bed, me back in my clothes, she in her dress, reconfirming our boundaries for this latest encounter. It’s good to have that discussion before both of us start to have fun. With that out of the way, our party began…

    To say Camille is a world class courtesan would be stating the obvious, but there are no other words I can say other than just that. Professional, intuitive, sexy, supportive, etc., Camille has always shown that to all her clients & at times, going beyond that. Seems as if we’re there together, there’s a chance I’ll go back with her & probably, the feeling’s mutual to all who enter her orbit.

    With another encounter a success, Camille & I got dressed & headed back to the parlor. We continued to thank each other for this opportunity to see each other. She said that if this is a harbinger to things to come, she will enjoy this trip. I hope so. We said our goodbyes as Camille headed back to her room & I headed back to the bar to recover. I hung around for about an hour, reliving the party I just had before I head back to Vegas. Two for two, with the possibility of one more coming, but not without a little consternation on my part. Part 3 coming.


    3d you have a better memory for details than I do. I thought about her occasionally.

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