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    the 3rd degree

    Thought it showed up, but didn’t. Lucky I saved all the text, so…

    It was a Friday & for me, my final full day in Nevada. I was heading back to Sheri’s for possibly one more encounter, even brought a gift for one of the courtesans I hope to see. But as I was heading towards the mountain, I realized something was amiss. I forgot my backpack…with the gift inside. Here I was, stewing as I turned around to head back to my hotel…in Friday late afternoon traffic. Not the start I wanted in my final day. But I did get my pack & returned to the road. It would be early evening before I saw the Sheri’s sign. When I entered, I was not in a good mental state. I was just going to sit at the bar to calm myself down, when I saw the one who I had the gift for. I made a beeline towards Michelle Lai. She greeted me warmly as I said hello & sat down. We chatted for a bit, even introduced me to her friends at her table, Destini & Minx. That’s when I told her I had her gift. Since I’m known to have “inappropriate” shirts when I visit, she wanted one from me. I pulled from my backpack an inelegant ziploc bag with an “inappropriate” t-shirt & tank top. Michelle loved it as she opened up the bag, pulled them out & started to read what was on them. I found it funny that Destini read them out loud so the bar can hear them. Michelle also said that tomorrow (Sat.) was casual day, she thought that this was perfect to wear. She thanked me & left the table with her new gift to put away. That left me with Destini, saying I should stay because karaoke was starting up soon. She said she was more an expert at chair-oke & definitely, bed-oke (I believe her).

    Michelle came back to the table & we all talked for a little while before the dreaded bell rang (Ding!) “And another angel got their wings”, I said. That got a chuckle throughout the bar. So I said my thank you’s to the table & headed to my position at the bar. I sat next to, what looked like, a tall woman. After ordering my drink, she turned to me and introduced herself as Lana Lange. We only talked for a few minutes before she excused herself. Meeting inconclusive. So a few minutes went by before I asked the bartender, Matt, if I can talk to Camille. I really took a chance here, but the way I was feeling, I needed something I’m sure that can get me back on track.

    Camille popped up a few minutes later with that beautiful smile in tow. She sat down as I went over my harrowing last day. Did I forget that she’s a great listener, too? She is. Not knowing if there was a chance for one last get together, I told Camille that if she was pressed for time or if she had another appointment soon, we can say goodbye to each other here before she went off. She said, looking me straight in the eye,

    “I have time now. Let’s talk.”

    Shocked, she led me out of the bar & back to her room. When we sat down to talk, she clarified about her schedule for the night. There was an appointment for much later, but she had time now. In fact, she was hoping I come back to see her. So again, we discussed a party that would be a little shorter than last time, but still enjoyable for both of us. She gave a number, sounded good, I agreed, we shook & off we went.

    After all the requisite things before the party, she asked me a question that, in a way, blurred the line between my real life & my Sheri’s life. I won’t discuss it here, but it was a fluid discussion in which I gave her the final say. She did use this information during our encounter & in many ways, changed our dynamic. Not sure how this will end, but for now, we’ve now grown beyond the client/provider relationship. As we finished our short encounter & headed to the parlor, it felt different in saying goodbye. Even though I reminded myself where I am in this situation, the distance got cut a little more. But she had an appointment to get ready & I had to recover. So with one last hug & thanks, Camille walked back to her room & I back to the bar, smiling wider than I had before.

    It was a fun time as karaoke continued in the bar. Hearing Matt doing show tunes, I think, while Avery Lee came up to do a reggae number. After a sip, my ears caught a conversation between two courtesans about “The Mandela Effect”. One woman tried to explain what it was to the other, with little success. She gave examples to her, when I interjected with one of my own. By then, it was only we two that continued the conversation about this phenomenon. It was an informative & intellectually stimulating talk, until the sleep alarm hit my system. And with a flight tomorrow, I needed to head back. I did see Cameron at her table, so I walked up to her to say my goodbyes & thanks. She said if she knew I was here, she would have made another attempt to take me to the back. It happens. But I settled for a hug & kiss. As I turned to head out, I noticed my conversation partner at the bar. It would be rude to have a talk & not introduced myself proper, I thought. So I walked over to her, said my thoughts and held out my hand. She shook it, saying her name was Misty Claire. I told her it was nice meeting & talking to her, before saying goodbye. Definitely add her to the rolodex as I left the bar & into the night.

    This post-birthday celebration was supposed to happen last year, but I guess fate had something different in mind. Glad I waited. The trip was a rousing success. Getting to meet up with Camille twice, an unexpected party with Cameron that shattered expectations & the topper, I won a slot jackpot in the 5-figure range. Not too shabby. So again, I thank all at Sheri’s for being great hosts. To the ladies I’ve met & talked to (Aaliyah Ames, Alexis Luv, Avery Lee, Destini, Harley Rae, Kaylah, Lana Lange, Michelle Lai, Misty Claire & Tessa Rae), thank you for chatting to a reserved guy with the not-so-reserved shirt collection. I see you & maybe…

    Another phrase used when being in the game is YMMV (Your Mileage May Very). But simple etiquette, flexibility & communication can help you along the way in this curious hobby. And though I might not have all the intricacies down, it still helps when I walk through that bar door. That & a really deep breath. But even in record setting heat, I know…



    Soundsike a fine birthday trip, 3d. Wish I could have a party a day for 3 days.

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