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    the 3rd degree

    It would be a different vibe for this next day at the ranch, so to clear my head, I went back to Vegas for a little fun & to clear my head. I did win a little money @ slots & the tables, but through that, I was wondering if there was anyone who I could connect with for another party. Sure looked that way, but if I did, I would have to go through my process, if someone new caught my attention. It was in the afternoon when I returned to Sheri’s. I did inform Camille that before her appointment, she can say goodbye to me at the bar. There she would meet me with that killer smile I’ve grown to love. We talked for a few minutes, again thanking each other for last night. She made me promise not to wait eighteen months before meeting up again. I promised. So with one final hug, Camille went off to get ready for her appointment. I was sad to see her go, but I was ready for what was to come. But I wasn’t ready for what came next.

    Jackie the hostess asked me if there was anybody I was interested in seeing. I said those fateful words,

    “Not really. I’m a free agent tonight. If anybody wants to come up & try to take me away, let them come.”

    And they came. Eva, a short redhead (I do lean towards redheads), came up to me with an interesting line of questions, (What’s your favorite color? What scared you as a kid?) things you don’t necessarily hear when communicating with a courtesan. But she did appeal to me with her quirkiness & charm. Natasha came by with a charm offensive of her own. I did like her voice & the way her questions came out from that voice. Add her to the rolodex. Marie came by too, but only for a few seconds. She gave a quick hello & wanted to put herself out there, in case we meet again. (We didn’t.) I did recognize a face that I wondered if she even knew me. So I sauntered from my position at the bar to the other end to say hi to Michelle. She did know me, but wasn’t sure that I wanted to be approached. We did talk for a few minutes until she told me that she’s on her last hour of this current tour. I was disappointed, but if ever I’m back & she’s there… It was fun reconnecting with Michelle, but that will pale in comparison to what shocked me beyond measure.

    This would come with the first woman I’ve met since declaring my free agency; an older woman who rushed from her booth to sit next to me. She was Jacqueline & she had a secret about me. Nothing was coming to mind as to what she knew. She leaned into my ear to tell me what this secret was. Discretion prevents me from saying it, but from what Jacqueline told me, my jaw dropped. For what seemed like forever, I had this stunned/surprised expression on my face. What cemented this surprise was the next words that came from her mouth;

    “Hello, darling.”

    The accent took me back to a time before Co-Vid. “Wow” was all I could think of as we reminisced about our previous time together. I was disappointed when the bell dinged, that my time with Jacqueline was up. So after the first onslaught, and yes, there will be more, I had a decision to make. & since the theme of this trip was “reconnect”, it was obvious who my choice this day was going to be. I got up from my position & walked to Jacqueline’s booth. After some chit chat, I asked if she wanted to rekindle some past moments & make new ones with me. You should have seen the smile she gave when she said yes.

    We discussed what we wanted to do back in her small room. The numbers would be drastically different than the last encounter we had, and that had me ied. But Jacqueline gave me a bone to chew on; a standard party in a bungalow. Sounded fine to me, so I gave the OK & off we went to book her favorite bungalow, the King Arthur Suite. I’ve have never been in this particular bungalow, but any doubt was quickly erased by Jacqueline literally crowning me “king and ruler of all I see”, including her. It was pure magic after that, the bubble bath (X2), the dinner, lively conversation & of course, you know. It was as we planned it to be, a long reminder of how we were before with new memories added to the mix.

    We were exhausted when we entered the parlor to wrap up our reconnection. It was a delight to see Jacqueline & if & when I’m back & she’s there, anything is possible. We hugged & thanked each other before she retired for the night & I slumbered my way back to the bar for re-hydration. That’s when the second onslaught began. A few seconds into my water, Luna came by to chat. This short-haired, tall beauty shook my fatigue off with great conversation, particularly about sapiosexuality. It gave me a good outlook on my approach here & a lot more to think about. She definitely will be added to the rolodex. Then came Cameron, an older female with an incredible body & mind to match…although it took a minute to get the joke on my t-shirt. We kept each other’s interest in a future encounter until the bell dinged. As if I wasn’t already washed in the beauties I’ve met this day, Genevieve stopped by as well. The voluptuous brunette admired my ability to concentrate on my face as we talked on various subjects, including her take on sapiosexuality. I’m glad too, ’cause if I’ve got one look at her ample bosom… Our talk flowed freely and easily…(ding). Sadly, she would be the last of all who I would meet on this “free agent day”. I finished my water & headed back to my room, not minding the wind & cold, smiling all the way. I slept well that night, but I know that my final days of this reconnection tour would end the only way I know how. She’s coming & I can’t wait.


    3d wish I could chronical my parties as detailed as you. Sound like a good trip. I thought about partying with Jacqueline.

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