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    the 3rd degree

    It would take a couple of days for me to recover from the ordeal of the snowstorm & my lack of sleep. (Although getting sick & The Rock n’ Roll Marathon on the Strip the next day, didn’t help matters either.) But I did get better & I was ready for my next adventure into “The Lion’s Den”. There was some bad news; Camille said that she would be unavailable the following day, her last day of her current tour, due to an appointment & packing up. So if Camille & I were to get together, it would have to be today. I said we could meet later once I checked in & get a little rest. She agreed.

    After a little rest, I made my way towards my position at the bar, having another Diet Coke & chatting with the bartender, Matt. Camille came out a few minutes later, dressed to kill in a little black number. She made her way to me, smiling all the way & sat down. I just sat in wonder as we did some small talk, before quickly heading back to her room. We did continue our discussion of what we wanted to do this time out. There was some give & take, but we agreed on a number in the end. We shook & off we went. But before we went to the office, I gave her one more surprise. I knew from our first meeting her that one of her favorite sweet treats was black licorice. So what did I pull out of my little backpack? A nearly full bag from a candy shop I frequent. Camille’s smile got a lot wider once she saw the bag & gave me another big, healthy hug. Just her smelling the contents & the joy on her face made all my troubles before this, go away.

    With payment settled & the requisite shower, I came out to see Camille in a short robe. We continued our talks from before, all leading up to a reconnection eighteen months in the making. A little massage, a little tease, a little flirting & then…well, you can guess the rest. After a long span between meetings, it was everything Camille & I hoped for. At one point, I think I heard her say, “Let’s not wait another eighteen months before seeing each other again”. I assure you; I will keep that promise! When we finished, it was an appreciation love fest that we gave each other. Camille remembered how sweet I was from our encounters before & was still a sweetheart now. I appreciated her for being the beautiful, empathetic & consummate professional she continues to be. Believe me, she’s everything her bio says and more.

    But all good things must end & so we got dressed & headed back to the parlor, where Camille & I kept thanking each other for what was an excellent time by the both of us. She gave me another big hug & we went our separate ways. It was a great start to this trip, but knowing Camille will not be available tomorrow & another courtesan will be on the floor the next day, what do I do in the meantime? On a day where I’ll “let the day decide what I do next”, tomorrow will have the biggest plot twist since my return to the ranch, & will fully encompass the “reconnect” theme I’ve been on.

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