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    Stripe Trip Report May 2013
    Once again, for this trip report I’ll start with encounters and tidbits with the various ladies which were present on my May 2013 trip to Sheri’s Ranch for those readers who will only be interested in this part of the review. Since for many of them, they have been in a review of mine before and since I included ones that I haven’t even spoken with, there will be a range of the type of information included with an intention to keep each reasonably short. Also, they are arranged alphabetically for various reasons:

    The Ladies:
    Alana – I had the chance to speak with Alana on the first day I was there and we caught up on a few things. Alana is still as sweet as I remember.

    Allissa – It was fantastic getting to catch up Allissa on this trip and have breakfast with her. She is a super-sweet, kind, gentle, loving, caring soul. I almost went to take her for a party on Sunday night but then I just wasn’t able to take her back. Having taken her back on a number of other occasions I knew she would be a fantastic party, I just wasn’t able to at the time.

    Amber Lynn – I remember next to last night of the trip, while sitting with CiCi, Amber came over and was talking about the forum. She is funny and attractive. She talked about taking chances in approaching women and how appearances can be deceiving. I enjoyed her banter.

    Anna – Was excited to see Anna again this trip. Had a nice time trying to talk to her even if I did get tongue tied every time. Love Anna’s smile and eyes. She is sweet, cool, young lady with a big heart.

    Brittney Ryder – I am so glad that Alexis Ann introduced Brittney Ryder to me last trip. We hadn’t spoken much that time but her brown eyes, fine smile, and quieted giggle captured my interest. I seem to recall writing that I really believe her laugh should be illegalized before she gets some guy arrested by her charm, personality, and beauty. Well, I wasn’t kidding, read more in the review: Brittney Ryder – An Officer and an Outlaw party.

    Cassie – Caught this high energy, free spirit, sporting around a number of the areas of Sheri’s and even got to watch her banter a little with Mandi Love.

    Charina – I was a little tired when I had the chance to catch up with Charina. She seemed nice and said teasingly… Me show you good time.

    CiCi – Competely enjoyed getting a chance to catch up with CiCi again. See her complete review: CiCi – World Class and Beautiful Soul.

    Destini – Destini pleasant as always. Thoroughly enjoyed catching up with her and was thinking about her as a possibly for a party. Destini is the always sweet, always loving, always caring young woman.

    Fabienne– I loved Fabienne’s answer while I was sitting with another lady who asked if I ever partied with Fabienne which was “Not yet” spoken with a playful smile, soft voice, and beautiful eyes.

    Jayla Diamonds – While Jayla had been on my short list, I didn’t even get around to speaking with her. I had a couple of ladies I was looking to party with before her and I ended up taking one of them back. I will say that I discovered Jayla managed something that has not happened before and that is she partied with 3 of our group coming up just shy of a Grand Slam.

    Joy – Caught up with Joy a little at the bar on my last night there. Joy has always been a beautiful soul of a person in my eyes. I got to know a little more about her preferences in music on this last trip. 

    Karli Brooks – I was looking quite forward to catching up with Karli Brooks on this trip, coming out with a gift for her. If you want to know more, look up the review Karli Brooks – 8 Years in the Making.

    Kat– While visiting Sheri’s Ranch each year, I have come to look for Kat’s bubbly energetic personality. She’s a very high spirited woman.

    Logan – I loved seeing Logan come into the bar and sit with Karli, having them come over to see the Zarkana playbook I had purchased and talk about the show. It’s pretty easy to tell Logan is a good natured woman just like the others which she hangs out with.

    Mandi Love – This beautiful young woman caught my eye before going out on my trip. I wanted to spend some time with her but it didn’t work out between her being taken for parties, my going into town, etc.

    Olivia – Olivia is another very attractive Mexican lady that I was a little nervous about approaching. She looked so radiant in the red gown she was wearing. I found myself one seat away from her, looking toward her, and finally realized I should move over one seat and talk with her…

    Red Diamonds – In my last review Red Diamonds said we really should meet. So, as she walked past, I said Hi Red a number of times to which she always responded with a Hello but never stopped to sit or talk. I see Red likes all sorts of games too.

    Riley – Riley was looking particularly radiant to me on this trip… in her new flowery summer dress, in her white shawl, with her playfulness as see saw me observing her. I said I was shy… She said: You are not! Riley was definitely climbing my short list.

    Riri – I only got to meet Riri the 1st night, she seemed really cool and my friend took her back for a party.

    Rosa – Rosa is a sweet lovable lady that I spent time with in the bar on Sunday night. Rosa has excellent clapping skills.

    Sara – Sara is a sweet Eastern European lady that I didn’t get much time around but I know one of my friends really liked her and partied with her.

    Shiloh – Shiloh was one of my favorite ladies to talk with into the early hours of the morning. I enjoyed her company and how down to earth and real she is. Maybe next time I should brush up on some NBA basketball.

    Things I’ve learned both from this trip and previous ones:
    • Make loose goals instead of hard goals.
    • Be flexible. For example, if doing a costume, don’t have to decide who it will be prior to the trip… that can be decided in the moment, most ladies I’ve partied with, wear small.
    • Even if you think a lady is going to be out of your price range, you never know until you actually take her back to her room and negotiate.
    • Sure, the ladies can walk you if you don’t meet their price but, at the same time, if you can’t reach an agreement on a price for a party that works for you, you can walk them as well.
    • There will always be at least one or more ladies I didn’t party with on a given trip but didn’t. Many times I keep these ladies in mind for upcoming trips.

    Highlights of the Days:
    Day 1 Thursday –
    • Picking up a friend who would drive and drop off Dex and I at the BWI airport.
    • A very thankful uneventful flight.
    • Being picked up by my close friend and Brother Deadpool at the Las Vegas airport.
    • Going to eat a Hi-Scores restaurant.
    • Catching up with Mark.
    • Going to the CSI Experience at the MGM hotel.
    • Going to Little Darlings strip club and Betty.

    Day 2 Friday –
    • Breakfast with Allissa.
    • Speaking with Karli Brooks, Destini, and others.
    • Purchasing SR Calendar and getting signatures.
    • Meeting Mandi Love
    • “Arrest” Party with Brittney Ryder

    Day 3 Saturday –
    • Breakfast with Angelica.
    • Visiting the Alien Cathouse – Maggie Mead Party
    • Visiting the Love Ranch South

    Day 4 Sunday–
    • Seeing Iron Man 3 with Deadpool.
    • Seeing Zarkana Cirque du Soleil with Deadpool.
    • Going to Little Darlings for about 1 hour.
    • Talking with Brittany Ryder.
    • Eating the Shrimp Alfredo at Sheri’s Sports bar.
    • Closing with Shiloh and Rosa

    Day 5 Monday –
    • Party with Karli Brooks
    • Philly Cheese Steak for Brunch
    • Playing Billards with Shiloh
    • Closing with Shiloh

    Day 6 Tuesday –
    • Giving Destini her gift.
    • Giving CiCi her gift.
    • Eating at China Wok with Bri, Jim, and Mark.
    • A chance autograph and picture opportunity with Pete Rose at Mandalay Bay.

    Day 7 Wednesday–
    • Meeting CiCi by the heated Jacuzzi.
    • Being sung Happy Birthday to by Marci, CiCi, Brittney Ryder, Anna, Shiloh, and Joy.
    • Party with CiCi
    • Closing the night out with Brittney, CiCi, and Shiloh.

    Day 8 Thursday –

    • Deadpool’s return to Sheri’s Ranch.
    • Hugs goodbye with CiCi, Karli Brooks, Anna, Cassie, and Brian.
    Asking Brian to say goodbye to Shiloh for me with a Patrone.

    The Thank You:

    I would like to once again thank Dena – House Manager, Marion – Shift Manager, Laurie – Shift Manager, the ladies in the office, Carol, Marci, and Rosie – The Bartenders, The Kitchen Staff, The IT Staff, The Maintenance Staff, The Housekeeping Staff, All of Sheri’s ladies, and anyone else I may have missed that were involved in making my stay an enjoyable and fun vacation.

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    Mr. Incredible

    Wow Stripe,

    Thanks a lot for sharing what sounds like an incredible experience filled with wonderful times. I will be stopping by Sheri’s next month and my excitement continues to grow. This site seems helpful towards figuring things out and talking with the courtesans.

    Mr. Incredible


    Wow, man, crazy trip! That arrest thing is super creative, huge props to the ladies for pulling that off.


    Hi Stripe, thank you so very much for giving us the pleasure to share your birthday day with you….. You have always been so sweet to everyone and its very very cool how all the staff and ladies love you so very much…..I enjoyed talking with you also and hope you had the best Bday ever xooxoxoxo Till next time babe….JOY



    It is always so wonderful to get to spend time with you when you visit. This trip was extra special. I got to spend time with whole crew.. I haven’t had that pleasure in a long time. It was awesome being able to catch up with everyone..

    From all of the staff and ladies we thank you for all your kind words and the extra sweetness you brought with the chocolate tower!! yummm


    Stripe, you rock. It was great to see you even though we didn’t have the chance to go back for number 4 and then more… Next time! Stripe also gave me a beautiful necklace, thank you!

    Amber Lynn

    It was a pleasure to finally meet you and chat with you Stripe…I look forward to your next adventure at the ranch!


    Stripe I wish that i could have a third of that whirlwind 8 days.


    Mr. Incredible – Your welcome, have a great time when you visit Sheri’s

    Pierced – Thanks for the nod

    Joy – Aw, you’re going to make me blush

    ranchmama – Glad we could all manage to be together for you once again

    allissa – we’ll shoot for next time!

    Amber Lynn – I look forward to the next adventure and to seeing you again

    Flint – I’m hearing you…


    Stripe!! It was such a pleasure getting to close the bar with you almost every night! You are a wonderful soul and I look forward to seeing you on your next trip. Thank you again for the Patron, you know how much I love those! I love the “things you’ve learned*!



    Shiloh, I loved closing the bar out with you almost every night as well. I think this last trip is the least amount of sleep I have ever gotten on one trip, possibly ever in one week!


    Red Diamonds

    Stripe, you should really walk up and introduce yourself to me… I don’t mind a lil casual conversation here and there. I won’t approach you if you are are here for specific ladies. You can always approach me though. 😉

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