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    hi everyone – finally got around to logging on to the new “blog” format: the following i just posted onto ansley’s and anna’s profiles review section . thanks to everyone at the ranch. more to follow in “coming” days (or nights)

    “Ted Special” 2 girl w Anna & Ansley
    Another one of those “opportunities you can’t say no to”: even though those who know me have heard me say a million times – no two girl parties! i did it again. “i can’t even hardly handle one!” is the truth, but that didn’t keep me from trying two.

    I did this for some good reasons:

    1) Last week, i lined up a party with anna. we go back well lets just say back to the beginning of anna’s 3-yr plan to be and prosper at sheri’s. well this is yr 4! beware though: times are better and i don’t think there will be a yr 5 so i wasn’t going to waste a rare and waning opportunity to party with anna again (is is 7 or 8 times now?). those of you who have seen and better yet partied with anna know the countless reasons.

    2) i partied with anna and her best friend ansley after the Halloween party a few yrs ago – a “deal i couldn’t say no to”. it was like being on the set of a porn shoot. due to my advanced state of intoxication and sleep deprivation, i was unfortunately a better observer than “actor”. still it was the experience of a life-time (until last wknd anywho). inasmuch as anna and ansley could not keep their minds and hands off of eachother b4 our party and due to my extreme comfort with the two and since as we all know, i am a frugal and practical sort, i knew i could get one hell of a deal.

    3) i negotiated what was about as close as could be to a BOGO without being one. it was very affordable. how coincidental that anna and ansley have adjoining rooms which share a bathroom by the way! how convenient

    4) i had a chance to do this in a state of relative sobriety and wakefulness! well i was pretty much sexually assaulted, even though all my instructions were closely fully followed to my delight (anna is a pretty good instructor in her own right – very organized and creative), i soon became a multi-purpose sexy toy for the two – once again to my delight and do i dare say theirs too?

    5) anna and ansley have quite a repertoire of amazing talents and abilities you have to see to believe and better yet participate in! turns out there is a new one!

    well, to be honest, i am a still shadow of my former self sexually but at least as good as a few halloweens ago – (however low that bar was set) and did a commendable job for an old coot and really felt like a rock star (although nothing is further from the truth). the girls managed to have a pretty good time of it as well it seems.

    IF YOU EVER WANTED TO EXPLORE a 2-girl party, be you greater or lesser than hercules, heroine or even be you hermaphrodite for that matter, heed my advice and take advangtage of anna’s & ansley’s attraction towards each other, and love of their craft. despite their naughtiness, they are the sweetest and most approachable and comforting wonderful people you can ever meet. ohh yeah – hot too. But do ask for the “Ted Special”. you will be glad.

    Brittney Ryder

    Ted- You are one lucky guy! Those two are amazing!

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