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    The world contains many beautiful women. But few of them exude enchantment from every pore. Lily LoveCraft is one of them.
    Lily (she goes by Lovecraft because there is another lady at SR named Lily) and I had been in e-mail contact for some time when, back in May, I drove a few hundred miles out of my way to meet her in person. Fully enraptured, I knew that I would make a return trip to party with her
    I finally got to make that trip and take the walk with her last week. We met up in the bar just to chat on Wednesday night, and agreed to book our appointment for Saturday night. When our time came and we met up in the parlor, she was so utterly radiant that I may have literally stumbled backwards. When we made it to her room, we both worried that negotiations would be awkward, but we quickly realized that we were on the same page about pretty much everything so we came to an agreement within 30 seconds.
    We spent the first half of our party in the outdoor jacuzzi, which we had all to ourselves, and it was a perfect night for it. We retreated to her room for the remainder, and… well, this is the part where details remain private. That being so stated, I do have observations to share.
    At one point, when she was rubbing my back, I felt some kind of healing energy coming from her hands. When I mentioned it to her, she told me what she was doing, and I’ve come to believe that her hands are literally magical.
    Something that I couldn’t put a finger on for a number of days, as I couldn’t stop thinking about our time together (and had no desire to stop thinking about it), is how much she makes eye contact. She doesn’t shy away or look off to the side as some do. It’s rather like she was telling me, without having to say it, that she was attuned to me and that my every desire became her desire.
    When our time concluded, my body was rejuvenated, my mind soothed, and my spirits soared.
    There is no question as to “if” I will be visiting Lily LoveCraft again. I will. The question is how soon I can get back to her… and how often.
    Please, everyone, go and make your own memories with this extraordinary woman. She makes the world a better place by virtue of being in it… and she will do the same for your world.



    Thanks Anakin. I have thought abbout partying with her.

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