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    Eva M

    So you’re ready to say “Adios” to your V-card but you’re not sure where to start and you don’t want to try your luck at your local bar. Maybe you’re in your twenties, thirties or older and you’re not sure how your partner will feel about your lack of experience. Whatever your situation or reasons for waiting I want you to know we’ve ALL been virgins at one point in our lives.

    What matters most is not when you give it up but that it was a great first time. The beginning of a wonderfully sexy journey. To help ensure you’re first time is special, consider a professional… ME!

    I would love to help you embark on your first sexual exploration! Consider me your love-making tutor / friend. I’ll walk you through what feels good while letting you experiment with what makes you feel good. Sure you’ve touched yourself in the past but this will be different, very very different.

    You’ll be able to enjoy the warmth that comes from having a beautiful woman in your arms. A woman who wants to help remove the anxiety of trying something for the first time. A woman who is so comfortable in her own skin that being naked together feels good and natural, making your first time unforgettable.

    If you’ve given up your V-card to one of the ladies at Sheri’s or myself, let us know about your experience.


    I did(at age sixty-three)and everything Eva says about the ladies at Sheri’s is true. Unfortunately, due to health problems, the experience may have been my last as well as my first. But the memories will never go away.

    Eva M

    Like Jazzmark007 says the memories will never go away so take your time, enjoy each moment before, during and after. Once you have some practice you can get a little crazy and try different locations, positions or even a few props with someone special. Someone you’re comfortable with.

    Giving up your v-card at the ranch can be a great thing since you’ll be with a lady that can guide you through positions, help you with your thrusting (trust me, it’s not like porn or masterbating) teach you a few tricks that women love and then relax once we’re finished.

    Jazzmark007 are these health problems the kind a little TLC can help make better 😉


    When I read Eva’s post I figured I had to register and post a response. I’m a 32 year old virgin who is thinking about visiting Sheri’s Ranch next month to finally get rid of it. I’m not sure I’ll actually be able to go through with it though which is why I haven’t made an appointment. Frankly, I’m really nervous about it so there’s probably about a 50/50 chance I’ll show up. I have absolutely no experience whatsoever. I’ve never even really kissed before so I know nothing.

    I have exchanged a couple emails with Allissa and she already answered most of my questions, but I had one more. Would it be against etiquette to request specific courtesans when I get there? For instance when I arrive I ask the hostess if I can see so-and-so and if she’s not available then ask for someone else and on down the line? Or would it be better to just do a lineup?


    It is absolutely OK to make a request for a specific lady. It’s best to check their profile page on the website to make sure they will be there on the day you plan to arrive. The best scenario is to make an appointment to make sure they will be available for you. These ladies are popular and consequently busy.I understand the nervousness factor. I lost my V card at age 63. These ladies bend over backward(sometimes literally)to make this as pleasurable for you as possible. My advice is to go for it. I promise you will not regret it.

    Eva M

    Hi Anonymityaddict, I’m glad my post got you to send a response. I completely understand you might have doubts, nerves, and a roller coaster of other thoughts about coming to Sheri’s but I can honestly say that once you arrive and acclimate to the scene you’ll be fine. I believe you can do if you really want to and are ready to be with a woman. The hardest part is battling with yourself to muster up the courage and walk through the doors. Once you see how great it is to be there, the hardest part is leaving.

    You have several different ways of meeting the ladies at Sheri’s. If your intention is to get to know the lady a little before you head back for a party, sending an email or hanging out in the bar would be a good idea. If you make a request, the other ladies in the bar will not be able to approach you. If you just want to come in and head right to the party then you can request a line up. It just depends on what you want to experience, how you prepare for your first visit and most importantly, that you show up.

    You can always hang out in the bar after your party and get to know more ladies, maybe try for another round with someone else. It’s all up to you and what you’re comfortable trying on your first visit to the ranch.


    I traded in my V card at age 38 to a doll of a woman who recently retired. Even though I didn’t mention my status to her before the party, I’m pretty sure she knew — she didn’t even flinch when I orgasmed after about 90 seconds. But DAMN it felt great!!

    When we walked back to the bar, I must have had the biggest, dopiest grin on my face, because all of the women sitting there just smiled and shook their heads and wanted to talk to me. For the first time in my life, I felt like a god!!

    However you set up the party, do whatever you can to relax (a good stiff drink is my choice) and enjoy yourself.


    I lost my V-card at Sheri’s Ranch and I couldn’t be happier with my decision! I had doubts at first if it would be the right thing to do but it’s been over two weeks since and I still have no regrets. I didn’t plan on meeting Eva there but was glad I did! Really, she was very sweet, funny and super sexy so I feel like I spoiled myself. But, hey, life is short so we should do just that, am I right? I was nervous and didn’t want to admit to her that I was a virgin but she saw through me. After laying the cards on the table I felt much better and the experience was very pleasant. The main reasons I am glad to have lost it here are 1) its very safely regulated whereas bar pickups – who knows; 2) there’s no drama or commitments (not that I’m a restless guy who can’t commit but still a good reason); 3) no memories with an ex that would be hard to reminisce; and last but certainly not least 4) The girls are gorgeous. All in all, my first time is imprinted in my mind like a dream from angels and I will never forget it.

    Charina Lee

    What a great topic Eva started! I love playing the role of the teacher, but I do it in a very pressure free environment. I think most of us ladies find it very EXCITING to be picked as the lady that gets the privilege of helping someone retire the “V” card! I can almost orgasm just at the thought of it all!!!!!



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