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Genuinely Bisexual for Genuine Pleasure

Have you ever wanted to have an experience with multiple ladies but everyone you talk to is straight, or they have little to no experience with other ladies and are too nervous to take the leap? Perfect reason to visit a Nevada brothel for a sex vacation! Me and many of my coworkers are genuinely bisexual women who enjoy experiences with other ladies. Alone, with a couple, even a multi-girl party with some of my lovely coworkers, are all sessions in which being bisexual gives me an advantage — and more orgasms!

Couples that come in for their first experience with an additional sex partner are always so much fun. Being able to add something new and exciting to an established romantic relationship is so magical; especially if it’s the woman’s first experience with another lady. I try to sit down and talk about what each person is comfortable with prior to starting so I don’t cross lines and make any participant ill at ease — but that doesn’t stop me if those activities are asked for during the session, as we’re recognizing each other’s pleasure points and discovering what’s working for all of us. I had a couple I partied with once; the woman was very adamant that it was all about him and she wanted minimal to no contact between the two of us ladies. As the session progressed, she and I got into each other more and more — and the gentleman got more and more turned on by it. It became increasingly about her and, towards the end, he enjoyed sitting on the couch and watching the ladies play! So definitely come in with an idea of what you’re looking for, but also be prepared to relax, explore, and let everything evolve organically.

Emily Rose is a courtesan at Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel near Las Vegas, Nevada

One thing that doesn’t happen as often that I wish would is ladies coming in all on their own! You’re sexy and beautiful and so many ladies here would love to make sure you feel that way too. One-on-one experiences with other ladies are something that feeds my soul more than I ever expected, watching a woman slowly come out of her shell and leave with a spring in her step makes me feel so much more accomplished and joyful than most experiences. Knowing that I not only made her orgasm but also fed her spirit makes it a very positive experience for me.

Guys, don’t think I forgot about you! I know what you’re thinking, “What if I’m just a straight guy and I want to party with multiple ladies or watch a few ladies play with each other?” Well, that’s on the menu too! Having bisexual ladies in a sex party together makes everything so much more fun. We’re not only going to enjoy the experience with you, we’re going to enjoy each other just as much! And, let’s be honest, almost every guy has thought about having two ladies at once. So whether you’re a couple, single lady, or a single guy, I can guarantee that a bisexual provider will give you more bang for your buck (hehe see what I did there?) than most ladies you’d pick up at a bar. And we’d definitely be able give you a few tips and tricks on pleasing other ladies in your life as well! Can’t wait to party with y’all!

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