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Why I Love Virgins

If you get a chance to read my reviews, you will find several from those who were virgins and chose to come to this Nevada brothel to put an end to their virginity.  Although some choose their 21st birthday for this life-changing event, many men (just like many women) choose to wait for a variety of reasons. This means that some virgins can be in their 30’s, 40’s and beyond. For me, it truly doesn’t matter whether a virgin is 21 or 61, the excitement and honor of being their first full experience is one of the most thrilling encounters for me!  Let me take the time to explain…

Losing virginity – a memory that lasts forever

Those that know me know that I believe in the power of the mind. A physical encounter can be wild and wonderful, but it’s the mind that leads the body to higher places. From my point of view, I am being presented with the opportunity to be forever remembered. Now that’s a lot of responsibility. Everyone seems to remember their “first”…But the facts are for many, their “first” wasn’t the memory they envisioned. So I suppose there’s a bit of pressure for us courtesans to not just be in your permanent memory bank, but to be remembered as a true and positive turning point in your life. That special someone you will never forget!  I welcome that opportunity and have nothing but confidence you will remember me with a smile well into the future, if not forever.

So, is it the chance to change someone’s life for the better and be forever remembered that drives my love for virgins? Yes, but that’s not my entire motivation.  I am totally serious when I say this….I have had some of my best and most amazing orgasms with virgins!


Being a sex teacher turns me on

Why? How? Well, I just love the role of the teacher. I find that virgins are extremely receptive to learning and targeted instruction. For instance, I’ve been given some of the greatest massages by virgins, as they seldom have the attitude that they know it all. They don’t feel the pressure to show me their knowledge or their skills they believe they have. They listen!  When I guide a virgin to my most sensitive areas, everything seems to be happening more slowly, with more purpose. All those little things that result in true love making seem to happen because I am reminded of the techniques that we sometimes bypass in our rush for lust. Be honest, we all get sloppy sometimes. It’s almost like an experienced athlete sometimes having to be reminded of the basic foundational techniques that got him or her to greatness in the first place.

It is never uncomfortable for me to explain to a virgin what I and many other women really enjoy. It’s actually easier for me to coach someone into giving me an amazing squirting orgasm when they are a virgin or of little experience. Think about it, would it really be appropriate for a courtesan to “direct” an experienced lover? Frankly, that may not be required or be our role in most cases. But my experience with virgins is that they welcome the direction and the communication because they want to learn for the future. They are wide open so to speak! Both physically and mentally! It’s very, very exciting. And it’s also a lesson in life and lovemaking. Don’t be shy about communicating what really makes your boat sale. Even if both lovers are very experienced, communication is key. And remember, as we become more and more experienced and aware of our minds and bodies, communication doesn’t necessarily mean directing. It may not even be verbal. Over time, we learn to read our lover without even ushering a word.

So you see, that although I am here to please you, I have my little selfish reasons for loving virgins. But I will say it again: the number one reason for me is being one of your very best memories. It’s my hope that 10, 20, 30 years from now you will say “I’ll never forget my first time, thanks to Charina Lee!”


Images feature Charina Lee from Sheri’s Ranch.

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